1. Did Trump know ahead of time what the Democratic Organised Crime Group were going to do?

Consider this - at what time did POTUS say these words on Nov 4, 2020?

'We don’t want them to find any ballots at four o’clock in the morning and add them to the list.'

2 AM.

The whole transcript is below.

Next question : er, what happened at 4 am?


3. This happened in Michigan at around 4.37am.

NB - after being discovered, the county clerk claimed it was a 'clerical error' and reduced the total.


Explain how Trump's number didn't move AT ALL.

4. I'm sure there are other examples of sudden spikes in votes for Biden, in other States.

But back to the point.

Trump seemed not just to know that they were going to occur, but he knew down to the exact TIME.

Must be a coincidence, I guess.

FakeNews, of course, have been in a frenzy about these vote dumps.

My personal favorite : 'these are mail in ballots and they are counted last in those States.'

That can't be right. Why? The ED vote was still being counted at the time.

5. FakeNews are also contradicting each other to explain the spike.

Here's one liberal saying that the spike was due to Milwaukee finishing it's ED tally :


Here's another outlet saying it was, er, due to mail-in ballots being counted at different centers, then, er, collected together and posted at the same time at the Milwaukee, er, 'central count location' :

Make any sense to you? Me neither.

6. And how do you explain that all (95-100%) of these extra votes are for Biden.

What, NO Trump supporters used mail-in voting? BS. 42% of early votes were GOP.

To claim Biden got 90%+ of the EV/mail-ins in Wisconsin is utter CRAP.

Anyway, you get the drift.

At 2am on Nov 3, Trump PREDICTED that 4am vote dumps would happen.


And they DID. In Democratic cities, with a history of CHEATING.

And nowhere else.



7. My POV?

There are some VERY nervous Dems out there right now. Trump has not conceded. His team is on full-scale counterattack.

That was NOT their plan.

Video, whistleblowers and damning evidence is popping up everywhere.

SCOTUS is unhappy.

And I've long suspected that these corrupt networks were infiltrated by patriots months ago.

The truth? Time is running out for the Democrats.

Watch. The pressure will cause them to panic and make MORE MISTAKES.

Enjoy the show.

The end.

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