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@ThomasWic Absofraggin'lootly!
It's one thing if people get confused about the details, but that Trump is anything other than what he's proved himself to be over and over isn't worth a response.

I get it, I used to let the MSN get to me too and I'm not immune to it. And I'm sure that things aren't going to turn out the way I'd personally want especially in a war of this magnitude. But if I take even a moment to review the facts about Trump, all the questions about where he stands wash away.

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Follow-up on Nellie Ohr spying on Trump's family.

Can you imagine being in the room when Trump learned about this? Good grief.

Anyone who knows anything about Trump, knows what's going to happen if Obama & Clinton targeted his kids.

They are ALL going down. BIGLY.

No one can be in any doubt now. DJT is going to absolutely hammer these assholes. But he's going to do it his way and on his own timeline.

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind, as the saying goes.

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Just a note:

I did not want to return to social media because I'm done with the pathological distrust of Trump.

Basically I'm here as a favor, but I'm not going to tolerate ANY MORE craziness about Trump suddenly making a 180-degree turn and breaking his promises.

YOU are free to think that, but if you include me in your delusion, I will mute you.

I am a Trump booster, pure and simple. That is my only function on social media.

Carry on.

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I have a new article coming soon about how the Wall, shutdown, EO threat and Venezuela are all connected.

Trump is using Democratic wedge issues and Pelosi's weak position, to mire the House Dems in conflict. The guy is a wizard and strategic genius. Ignore the hype, he is in full control.

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@REX can you put in some sort of marker that shows your are already following that person?

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