“Millennial dads have pathetic DIY skills compared to baby boomers“

How many millennials were "protected" by Dads who weren't going to have their kid get hurt, or fail, or ...

Or whose Dad's weren't all that good at something, so they didn't do that much DIY themselves?

(OTOH, I came
home from first day of 7th grade shop class saying "Dad! They've got Straight Nails!")

@pyotr Exactly! That’s why the ratio for this is so good.


I can’t stop 😂

On the flip side though, if your dog can’t sit, who’s to blame? 😂

@Tatonka For real! I love my Dad, but when I held a BB gun for the first time, he made fun of me for holding it wrong. I was like “you should’ve taught me then”. 😌😌

@mariel I didn’t even think if that 😐
Blame the fake news! I just wanted to share that well-deserved ratio. 😜

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