A federal appeals court halted President Joe Biden's massive federal student loan cancellation plan from going into effect Friday.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit directed the Biden administration not to begin wiping out student loan debts, imposing a stay while it mulls over an injunction filed by a group of Republicans opposed to the plan.



Wow... didn't know he could hustle like that.

@RNCResearch: "'Mr. President! Do you think Armageddon is coming, sir?'

Biden: *runs away* [video]"


(H/T @KurtSchlichter RT )

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis avoided a Chris Christie-like moment while surveying damage from Hurricane Ian with President Joe Biden.

Biden greeted DeSantis with a brief handshake as he exited the motorcade in Florida. Casey DeSantis, first lady of Florida, and first lady Jill Biden were also there.

Biden applauded DeSantis for his "pretty remarkable" handling of the hurricane.


@mrddmia: "Good for Judge Cannon.

She didn’t cow to the Biden Justice Department’s bullying.

And the 11th Circuit isn’t going to reverse her even-keeled, well-reasoned decision.

The Biden DOJ is clearly terrified another federal judge will check its homework.

What are they hiding?

nitter.poast.org/kyledcheney/s "


@IrredeemableOne @umad80 @YoungBlood

I'd expect the Steve Bannon case to be a prototype. He arranges to surrender, gets released on recognizance (no bail), they confiscate his passport. And the whole stupid thing gets litigated up to the 2024 election.

>>Trump Intensifies<< says..

@DonaldJTrumpJr: "'At the end of his presidency, Barack Obama trucked 30 million pages of his administration’s records to Chicago...More than five years after Obama’s presidency ended, the National Archives webpage reveals that zero pages have been digitized & disclosed.'

nypost.com/2022/08/09/fbi-trum "


@Seedsaver @ThomasWic
The media is going nuts, saying they're seeing all this anger from the right on social media. What I'm seeing is memes, lots of funny memes, like FBI in Melania's clothes.

IRS Deletes Job Posting Seeking Applicants Willing to ‘Use Deadly Force’ | National Review
The deletion came amid renewed scrutiny of the IRS in response to a Democrat-backed spending bill that would double the size.....


Geniuses at CNN warning us about of the growing threat of violent Trump supporters and the looming ULTRA INSURRECTION!

Margot Cleveland:
I'm thinking today's raid may just have pushed a few more FBI Headquarter types into the whistleblower brigade that is needed.

Here it is folks. Weasel Marc Elias:

The media is missing the really, really big reason why the raid today is a potential blockbuster in American politics.

Yes, I recognize the legal challenge that application of this law to a president would garner (since qualifications are set in Constitution). But the idea that a candidate would have to litigate this is during a campaign is in my view a "blockbuster in American politics."


Truly unbelievable.

Statements from Victor Davis Hanson tonight:

VDH on Fox just now: Disband the FBI.

More VDH on the FBI: "It's really an existential threat. This is something like the East German cold war. It's an ideological investigative group that is hired out by the left for particular retrieval services, whether it's a diary or a laptop."

Victor Davis Hanson, a voice of calm sanity, just likened the FBI to the Stasi and called for its abolition on Laura Ingraham show.


@mikepompeo: "Executing a warrant against ex-POTUS is dangerous. The apparent political weaponization of DOJ/FBI is shameful. AG must explain why 250 yrs of practice was upended w/ this raid. I served on Benghazi Com where we proved Hilliary possessed classified info. We didn’t raid her home"


@BlkLdyPatriot @Debradelai

"The Archives also confirmed in December that it was reviewing whether Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows had properly stored records from his personal phone and email accounts."

Whose email account? According to Trump he doesn't text or use email. Clever dog that he is.

Marilyn Monroe photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Hollywood, Los Angeles, 1953.

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