six very surprising things I learned at my first ever Trump rally this week

1. President Trump Is More Popular Than Any Rock Star In History

2. There Are Many People Of Color At Trump Rallies

3. Millennials Are The Most Enthusiastic Trump Supporters

4. Trump Supporters Truly Love Each Other

5. Trump Rallies Are A Huge Boom For The Local Economy

6. The Streets Of Manchester Looked Cleaner After The Rally Ended

Today my son and his wife welcomed Bode Michael into the world.

He weighed 11 lbs. 1 oz!

I told him that everything would be ok because Trump is his president.


Lee County FL....see more and more flags, stickers, hats and t-shirts than in 2016. A lot of supporters here! I’m going to a Trump Club meeting next Wednesday....first one!! Was out with my hubby last week and two women were walking around passing out stickers and letting Trump supporters know about the meetings.

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Trump realized long ago that flattery makes people go crazy.

Every anti-Trump goon has been flattered to the point of total absurdity.

It went to their heads--of course--and now Trump is picking them off one by one.

Trump is one of the few people immune to flattery.

Mohammed bin Salman is another.

So is Kim Jong-un.

People immune to flattery do amazingly courageous things. That's how you recognize them.


Guns, mental illness, drugs, and laws.

Makell L. Meyerin of Spring Grove, Illinois.

Heroin addict from the age of 14. She had a long arrest record, included felony burglary, for which she was sentenced 5 years.

We can either face reality, or we can continue to allow the drug-addicted mentally ill to continue to commit ever-increasingly violent crimes.


Except for crime committed by the violently mentally ill.

The answer is easy.

It's not about "criminalizing mental illness."

It's preventing the mentally ill from committing crimes.


Lots of cheers when we raised the KAG flag.

I've got to tell you, this is completely different from this time in 2016.

Trump supporters were mostly quiet. Not so now.

We've see lot of flags on boats, and bumper stickers on trucks. Monroe County, The Keys, is in the bag. Yeehaa.

Hard core offshore brother time.

No women. No kids. No dogs.

4 day Heaven. Marathon, FL.

Bug hunt. Marathon, FL. Flying our KAG flag.

Seven mile bridge in background.


On the Epstein stratum of society.

I spent years trying to make a name for myself in multiple fields.

The reason I failed universally is threefold:

One and two are no personal connections and no money.

If you have no personal connections and no money, almost nobody will help you.

But number three is the most important.

"What's in it for me?"

Trump will eventually be seen as the most significant human in SECULAR history.

We're not talking about religious figures.

The reason Trump will be seen this way is that he devoted his powers to GOOD, not evil.

And for that we owe him a debt that we'll never be able to pay off.


I still find this hilarious.

BREAKING: Armed Man with Rifle, Handgun, 100 Rounds of Ammo and Body Armor Stopped and Arrested by Firefighter'
20-year-old man with rifle,handgun & body armor arrested at Walmart on Republic.
SFD Police say he had 100+ rounds of ammunition. Off-duty firefighter with concealed carry gun held him at gunpoint until officers arrived about 3 minutes


Actually the founding fathers wanted to FUND semiautomatic rifles for the Continental Army.

Hamilton, Franklin, and Washington discussed the Belton flintlock, which fired sixteen successive rounds per loading.

Although 100 rifles were ordered, Belton never delivered.


We see from the photos that the El Paso mass shooter has flat affect.

In other words, he's catastrophically mentally ill.

This thread will trace the timeline of the failed social experiment of "deinstitutionalization"--allowing the severely mentally ill to remain on the streets, refusing treatment.

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