@EngOnDemand Now that we are hearing Biden, Kerry, Romney and Pelosi offspring all have positions on boards of Ukrainian energy companies, not to mention Schiff's ties to a Ukrainian arms dealer, is there no one in DC NOT on the take from Ukraine? Explains the hysterical reaction and calls for impeachment--they are literally desperate to stop Trump as he exposes their corruption which has been going on for decades. It is amazing that our country has been able to function at all.


On Judas goats.

Somebody asked me to summarize so that they could tell people on Twitter.

Just copy and paste these toots and writer your own thread on Twitter.


I often wonder why I bother.

Most people don't know how anything works.

"We are watching the coup unfold before our eyes."


We are watching Trump brilliantly implement "elastic defense," also known as "defense in depth."

The Germans invented it in World War One.

In August of 1918, the US lost two entire infantry companies at Fismette when the Germans counterattacked with about 40 flamethrower troops.

It was one of the worst defeats the US has ever suffered.

Trump is a master of elastic defense and the counterattack.

It doesn't matter if you can perceive it or not.

Trump is winning and will win, regardless of what you think.


Watch "WW2 Bo Randall" on YouTube

So my fellow tooters, or tutors as the case may be, this is my grandfather. I'm the oldest of his grandchildren.

I recently discovered this video.

If you're special forces or a serviceman or sportsman from my age you know Randall Knives.

All Mercury astronauts carried the Model 17. I was there when Alan Shepherd first went into space. Gordon Cooper gave us his knife and it's in our museum.

Check it out.

I woke up today (really early) and feel a sense of relief. I no longer have to address embiciles who Twitter has so generously provided in my notifications.

There is life after twitter... A MUCH BRIGHTER and more INTELLIGENT life...

Here in Quod Verum💃

@Debradelai @ThomasWic

The old fans are all here. Boomertown Palm Beach.

Jason Bonham
Peter Frampton

Time traveling tonight.

Fort Lauderdale. The B-52s were fabulous. They've still got it, but I'm hoarse from singing along.

I first saw them in the late 70s at the University of Florida before their first album.

Same for Tom Petty, Talking Heads, Berlin and a few others. They were club bands.

Next Friday we are going to Peter Frampton.

Assuming we are not smashed by Dorian. Fingers crossed. Be well tooters.

@GravityRX Stay safe, Cowboy. I have family in Boca and Boynton and Delray Beach. Will be praying for all of you to come through it easily with power intact.

Getting ready for Dorian.

On Las Olas Blvd, Ft Lauderdale.

Going to see the B-52s tonight at Broward Center.

If you're not ready for this storm then you're not really a Floridian. Be safe.

So, everyone cool with me calling on the Overstock CEO's sudden reveals?

I mean, sure, it miiiight make sense, but... I dunno. Something seems off. Hilariously, the fact that The Epoch Times/The Last Refuge/etc all have never mentioned this guy as far as I can remember, at least not in any capacity involving spying, and his entire media tour has been to MSM channels makes me kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda suspicious.

Just saying.


As we get closer to the election, the truth is coming out.


They refused to accept the concept of TIMING.

Trump has spent years conditioning the public to ACCEPT that Obama and his buddies committed massive crimes.

The totality is being revealed bit by bit so that it won't overwhelm the public and so that it can't be ignored.

The steady drip is forming a lake.

six very surprising things I learned at my first ever Trump rally this week

1. President Trump Is More Popular Than Any Rock Star In History

2. There Are Many People Of Color At Trump Rallies

3. Millennials Are The Most Enthusiastic Trump Supporters

4. Trump Supporters Truly Love Each Other

5. Trump Rallies Are A Huge Boom For The Local Economy

6. The Streets Of Manchester Looked Cleaner After The Rally Ended



Lee County FL....see more and more flags, stickers, hats and t-shirts than in 2016. A lot of supporters here! I’m going to a Trump Club meeting next Wednesday....first one!! Was out with my hubby last week and two women were walking around passing out stickers and letting Trump supporters know about the meetings.

@Cdubois @Erin @umad80 @athena12 @drawandstrike @ilumanous @Baline

Trump realized long ago that flattery makes people go crazy.

Every anti-Trump goon has been flattered to the point of total absurdity.

It went to their heads--of course--and now Trump is picking them off one by one.

Trump is one of the few people immune to flattery.

Mohammed bin Salman is another.

So is Kim Jong-un.

People immune to flattery do amazingly courageous things. That's how you recognize them.

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