Thomas you will love this. Tulsi gabbard is going to show them!!

Democrat presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is “seriously considering” boycotting the October debate to protest the Democratic National Committee’s attempt to rig the 2020 primary."

That'll show 'em. You go girl. 🤣🤣


Well well well... seems like things are heating up. Dad throwing junior under the bus.

Joe Biden says of his son re Burisma -
“He did say at one point that it came out that he was on the board. I said, “I sure hope the hell you know what you’re doing.”


These people are NUTS. They must live solely in their echo chambers. Amazing disconnect to the American people!

MSNBC guest outlines plan to impeach Trump and make Nancy Pelosi president


Hillary's "Reasons I Lost" file continues to grow 😂

“I’m a serious person, but I’m also a fun person, but I think I probably came across as too serious,"

"I lost in part because I came across as 'too serious'"


Haha I just love Trump! He's not afraid to tell it like it is. At his latest press conference:

"If you look at what’s happened with my polls, they’re through the roof. You know why? Because of this phony witch hunt... I got a call the other night from pastors... They said, “We have never seen our religious or any religious so electrified.” ...Churches are joining. Hundreds of thousands of people. And, you know, that’s to a large extent because of you and your partner, the Democrats."

😂 😂

Maybe AOC IS one of Trump's Judas goats after all 🤣🤣
"Ocasio Cortez just pulled a masterful move on the Dems Incredible She says the bigger scandal is that Dems WONT impeach Trump, ropes Pelosi onto a sinking ship, and then jumps right off"

Link to article in the tweet "AOC calls Impeachment ‘Boring,’ Says She’s ‘Over It’


Grand Jury Indicts Ed Buck on Drug Trafficking Offenses, including Giving Methamphetamine to 2 Victims Who Suffered Fatal Overdoses


Wow. I keep thinking surely they'll hit rock bottom soon but they just keep proving they are still falling.

"Transgenderism - UK Court finds belief in The Bible "incompatible with human dignity
...the DWP’s case against Dr Mackereth claimed that his belief in Genesis 1:27 was not a belief protected by the Equality Act 2010 a was a “mere opinion”. Now, a ruling from the Employment Tribunal has stated that his beliefs are not “worthy of respect in a democratic society”."


I wouldn't normally watch anything on SNL but this was posted on another site. It's hilarious and I thought worth sharing. They actually poke fun at the Dem candidates 😆

SNL's Impeachment Town Hall CNN's 8/29/19 | SNL Replay September 29 2019


Love this interview Peter Navarro does with CNBC. I think he's learning how to push back like Trump. By the end, the hosts were DONE! 😆

Watch CNBC's full interview with Peter Navarro on US-China trade

"Peter Navarro, assistant to the president and director of the office of trade and manufacturing policy, joins CNBC's "Squawk Box" team to discuss reports the U.S. is considering restrictions on Chinese companies and the latest in the trade talks with China."


Shem Horne's latest thread is worth a read. WaPo is trying to get ahead of the narrative, clearly, but it won't work

"The Trump administration is investigating the email records of dozens of current and former senior State Department officials who sent messages to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email..."


And it's ON

The State Press
NEW: Amb. Kurt Volker has met with the Secretary of State. He has resigned from his position as Special Representative for Ukraine to the U.S. Secretary of State, according to a University spokesperson.


I just listened to Joseph Maguire testifying in Congress (I had to do something while I cleaned 😜)
As you'd expect, the grandstanding by the Dems, and especially Schiff was nauseating. They were obviously trying for media bites so they could sway the narrative and gain support their impeachment stunt. Such a pathetic display.
They still have no idea that Trump has outwitted them 😂


Oh this is going to be fun!

Alyssa Milano
"Did you know anything about this?

Apparently a tax whistleblower a month ago went to congress to say Trump May have interfered with IRS audit of him.



hahaha Portland is banning urinals now. I wonder how much brainstorming they have to do to come up with these ideas. Wondering how the taxpayers will respond to the remodelling costs!!.

Portland Bans Urinals In Public Buildings – Out of Respect to the City’s “Shared Values”

"The total remodel will cost taxpayers $195,000,000. A spokeswoman said she did not have a break out on how much the bathroom work cost."


Mimi AOC is back and just as funny as before

WATCH: Mini AOC is BACK, Says ‘Looks Like Politics are No Longer Off Limits for Children Thanks to Greta’

“Like, I want to tell you about the most amazing science book I just finished reading on climate change. It’s called Chicken Little,”



You are right that Trump speaks multiple languages. If you watch his body language in this short clip you can see he understands what zelensky is saying


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