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Trump promised we’d get tired of winning. I’m not tired yet... More winning is welcome!! Drug price transparency, maximum pressure on Iran, China caves in on trade/tariffs, that’s just today!

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@ThomasWic @Debradelai Border Apprehension is skyrocketing but many caravans have been turned away. One explanation could be TRUMP is telling the truth and the WALL is being built and strategically building in areas to cause choke points increases APPREHENSION. A less porous border could cause the increase, not just larger amounts of attempted crossers, right?

TRUMP has created a centrifuge for America and the World. Truth is a force of nature, our human hearts long for Truth!

All the sediment and contaminants are being spun furiously and drawn to the bottom of the test tube(s).

The inertia is irresistible and the contaminants will be separated and disposed.

All will be well!
(Just working on some metaphors 😎)

@Good4TheGANDER Imagine all the MSM hacks at Morning Joe, CNN, et al waiting for Trump to give them a narrative to fight....

TRUMP is in absolute control, remember that as gaslighting by MSM increases this summer. Pin this TOOT.

7:30 AM and nothing from POTUS on Twatter.....hmmm. He’s holding up the news cycle for some reason.

Happy Thursday!

@Good4TheGANDER No UP tick in Border Apprehension for JAN 2020! (Walls Work)

Next month will be interesting. 4 of the 5 previous years showed an increase in Border apprehensions. 2017 the exception.

In FEB....Let’s see what happens!

Pete Rose was NOT a player at the time of his gambling violations, he was the MANAGER. Wayyy different than players cheating in a game.

Charlie Hustle should be in the HOF. He got the most hits of all time, period.

As TRUMP boom economic continue to stun. (Jobs estimate for Jan was 105k actual was 225k)....

What the heck were these pols ( dem and gop), leaders, elites doing to us, the people for the last 30 years?

The LOST opportunities to working families; lives and careers that never had a chance to happen.

Trump is fixing the world!

this is NOT a hipster beard grooming site. Just 2 smart fellas with lifetimes of experience, chatting.

Have you ever wondered what Saul and Tom talk about?

@ThomasWic @REX @drawandstrike @Debradelai @Good4TheGANDER

TRUMP’S 2017 inauguration speech is almost INDISTINGUISHABLE from rally speeches today! (Note all the snakes eying him). Hindsight is 2020.

Trump sure is lucky that all he said came true.

As you listen to the crowd reaction, No one realizes he was being 100% honest!

@Good4TheGANDER Most recent TRUMP ads just play his INAUGURATION speech with video of his accomplishments...

Almost like it was planned?

Promises made and promises kept.

Thank you for the insights!
(It’s happening and we will stay curiously quiet and observe....enjoy!)

@ThomasWic @REX @drawandstrike @Debradelai

TRUMP keeps having BEST press Confrence in US History, every day! Middle East Peace Plan, THEN USMCA signing, each one is better than the last.

Next stop...Trump TAKES the stand in his own impeezement!

TRUMP translation machine:

“We’ll see what happens” = Something amazing WILL or HAS happened.

“We’ll have to see” = It will happen -or- it has happened -or- I have made it happen.

“The best is yet to come” = Something you haven’t thought of IS happening and ALL WILL BE WELL!

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Just want to share some personal story. I have become United States citizen after legally patiently waited for 19 years. I came to US at the age of 21 with a million hopes, studied Masters, PhD and now a data scientist. I can’t wait to cast my first vote for greatest president ever.

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@SenatorLankford on the House Impeachment Manager's case so far:

"On Tuesday, all day, we heard the same stories, same videos. On Wednesday, all day the same stories, same videos."

Watch live --

4 Things TRUMP will FIX for US in

-SOC SECURITY; hopefully with investment option.

-STATE / LOCAL CORRUPTION; By mirroring what we will LEARN about what is actually happening at Impeezment Trial.

-PUB. SCHOOLS -including College / student loan scam system- They will become Reasoning Skill and MERIT based again.

-TORT REFORM (finally Loser of frivolous lawsuits will PAY fees.)

Enjoy watching # KAG happen!

@ThomasWic TRUMP almost slips!

He reacts / acknowledges (Around 4:32) that the Chinese Vice Premier Liu He is DONE making his final remark.

How else would he know the Vice Premier was done speaking , before the interpreter starts, UNLESS he speaks Mandarin?

Amazing meeting too-TRUMP at work.

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Posts of this nature are circulating among Iranians on social media, encouraging each other to never play into the regime's propaganda and lies.

The mullahs do not represent us Iranians.

We will get rid of them. Soon.

DEC 2019 Border Stats Down Again.

Consider How low September & October into Election Day could be.

UP TICKS going forward should be less intense as the Wall continues to be built.

TRUMP Will show another Promise Kept!

Wait! WOMBATS are bear sized squirrels??!? Cute BUT I’m sooo happy Australia is a 20hr flight away.

Prosecute the arsonists in Oz that started those fires!

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