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Trump promised we’d get tired of winning. I’m not tired yet... More winning is welcome!! Drug price transparency, maximum pressure on Iran, China caves in on trade/tariffs, that’s just today!

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@ThomasWic @Debradelai Border Apprehension is skyrocketing but many caravans have been turned away. One explanation could be TRUMP is telling the truth and the WALL is being built and strategically building in areas to cause choke points increases APPREHENSION. A less porous border could cause the increase, not just larger amounts of attempted crossers, right?

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On Game of Thrones last night, I looked for and desired a Starbucks cup in every scene.

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Isn't it fantastic to see Brian Cates @drawandstrike getting the respect he deserves?

Brian is so humble that he doesn't seem to realize that PapaD and others were actually searching him out. Such is Cates influence, that there people want to meet Brian.

Anyway bravo & kudos, fellow warrior. Fighting in the trenches with you has been a great honour.

Fast is bad, slow is good.
Low Entropy is what allows the universe to exist and a Low Entropy approach to ME affairs will allow locals to FINALLY resolve the regional issues that outsiders can’t.

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In the Gorka interview Trump is NOT bashing Sessions, he’s pointing out DOJ was a mess at the time. @drawandstrike is going to be proven correct and Sessions proven a hero, from the Witness Stand!

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Wishing a meaningful Yom Kippur to all my Jewish family and friends. On this "Day of Atonement", we pray for a year of prosperity, blessings and peace.

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I’m old enough to remember when only had 4,800 users!

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“The true good of a nation can only be pursued by those who love it – by citizens who are rooted in its history, who are nourished by its culture, committed to its values, attached to its people, and who know that its future is theirs’ to build or theirs to lose. Patriots see a nation and its destiny in ways no else can. Liberty is only preserved, sovereignty is only secured, democracy is only sustained, greatness is only realized, by the will and devotion of patriots."
President Donald J. Trump

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Nancy releases Nadler, Engel, Schiff and Cummings, the four Horseturds of the Clowncalypse.

This is going to be priceless fun real fast.

Look out, Onion and Babylon Bee, reality is about to become its own satire.

I’m old enough to remember when only had 4,800 users!

@ChicagoScott No casualties thankfully but it looks like The Blues Brothers “Mall Scene 2019” at Woodfield Mall in suburban Chicago.

I highly suspect TRUMP himself at least edited this letter. It reads like his speeches. Ben Carson is brilliant and knows what results PDJT wants. The DEMs never saw this coming yesterday! Cutting off CA Fed $$$ is the only way to force them to improve. @ThomasWic TRUMP will fix CA. (Why not? He’s fixing the rest of the world and probably worked it out long ago!)

Twatter may not be as nefarious as we think. Perhaps Twatter is just suffering from TERRIBLE programming/algorithms.

I mean, maybe just a bunch of dopes are “mailing it in” on a daily basis and and the company and service stinks.

How else do you explain the recommendations? Ivanka.(Ok maybe I’d consider)...But Paul Ryan! (Loser and this is while I’m following TRUMP) and BIEBER? I’m a hetero male over 50!

Simplest explanation is Twatter is terrible at their job.

Ha Ha, Lefties trying to smear Justice Kavanaugh as if he’d get removed. It’s a life long appointment and he’s IN.

Wacko FDR appointee, William O. Douglas, was almost impeached 2 times and when he FINALLY resigned after a stroke, STILL tried showing up to the court....the nutter thought he could just show up like George Costanza, pretending he still had his job.

Point is, Kavanaugh is not going anywhere.

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"Analysis: Iran builds 50 mil barrel oil armada as exports plunge"

More proof that U.S. President Donald Trump's sanctions targeting the regime ruling are working.

Less oil exports = less money for terrorism

Second, I am so grateful for your work since 2017. It’s Enhanced my outlook and perspective, “Stealth Jeff” helped me a lot!

I’ve read you for years. There is No question that your writing is improving dramatically. It’s benefiting from your daytime hours and the focus you are now able to give it.

The best is yet to come

@drawandstrike 2 Things.

First,: Your TL is lousy with folks who are just contrarian.

You: I’ll spell out and document that RR is almost certainly a hero

Them: “...still too many inconsistencies, blah, blah”’s gotta be Exhausting for you to read! (No wonder you endlessly block and mute)

Your photo SAYS it ALL. RR retirement was a hero’s send off!

TRUMP is like a modern King Solomon, literally. Most strategic mind on the PLANET.

The Alabama nonsense covered for the Camp David / Taliban efforts and that will cover for something else. Trump TOLD US he will NEVER reveal his plans so the ENEMY will never know how to prepare.

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