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By mid July these will be adjusted as even HIGHER.

U.S. economy added 4.8 million jobs in June (more than 2.9 million forecast). Unemployment fell to 11.1%.

Higher I say.

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Trump promised we’d get tired of winning. I’m not tired yet... More winning is welcome!! Drug price transparency, maximum pressure on Iran, China caves in on trade/tariffs, that’s just today!

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@ThomasWic @Debradelai Border Apprehension is skyrocketing but many caravans have been turned away. One explanation could be TRUMP is telling the truth and the WALL is being built and strategically building in areas to cause choke points increases APPREHENSION. A less porous border could cause the increase, not just larger amounts of attempted crossers, right?

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TRUMP is a master of Kabuki. Grrrr Jeff Sessions bad!

Total cover for Sessions testifying against SpyGate and ObamaGate plotters.

Watch Sessions be front row at Trump’s 2021 Innauguration😂

Has anyone drawn the comparison of Nero playing the violin while Rome burned and DeBlasio painting BLM on 5th ave in front of TRUMP Tower?

Subway melee and over 100 shot in NYC.


Goya products are low cost, delicious and of high quality...why the heck would you not buy them?

Their Frijoles del Negro are awesome!

Super gracias to GOYA!

Chicago is NOT defunding police.

CPD resurrects an old-school policing strategy.

The roving anti-gang unit is coming back.

On 7/23 CPD "summer mobile/strike force" deploys.

Let’s see what happens.

Carlos Osweda on Twatter:

“...look at the headwinds Trump is facing.
Obama was carried everywhere in a sedan chair, on silk cushions for his precious bottom.”

The IMAGERY! Too funny.

I want @ThomasWic memoirs to be published post haste.

Pinning this TOOT...

By mid July these will be adjusted as even HIGHER.

U.S. economy added 4.8 million jobs in June (more than 2.9 million forecast). Unemployment fell to 11.1%.

Higher I say.

Being judged by the Content of Your Character rather than the Color of Your Skin is actually a very tough standard to meet.

Much easier for Leftists to focus only on skin color.

At every crisis of the hour; COVID, Protests/Riots, the CHOP...

Leftists/DNC and MSM (sorry for redundancy) shout conflicting messages.

“TRUMP screwed up”, then, “TRUMP do something!”. Then, “TRUMP is useless, then “POTUS has to step in!”.

The “Whirlwind” must be at hand.

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In the most literal sense, yes.

Sine Nobilitate.

A man of no quality who seeks to imitate those superior to him, whether it be socially or in intellect.

A supercilious cretin.

Imagine that smug jerk, Sztrock as he fastidiously took notes.

Like, “I’m a FBI man, jot jot scribble. Important ideas being listed, I got Flynn now”.


General Flynn’s case will take ‘em all down. Every bad actor.

Sick in the head Sztrock HAD to memorialize his part.


WalkAway# people have the best stories.

Former Lefties who’ve been “red pilled” go through a lot to become intellectually honest.

I respect the heck out of them.

Nuance leads to

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So the city is colluding with terrorists to deprive people of their property and freedom of movement.

Got it.

TRUMP/Sen. Scott’s Opportunity Zones will be the delivery channel for rebuilding the protest & riot ravaged neighborhoods.

It’s gonna be great to see.

Trust TRUMP.

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A serious case of much ado about nothing.

Except for those who are trying to fundraise the heck out of it.

Has anyone noticed that NONE of the people at the CHAZ in Seattle, WA are surrendering their US passports?

They built a wall but aren’t RENOUNCING their US Citizenship either.

Police in Blue cites allow Tearing down Columbus monuments.

But we still are going to get our paid holiday in October when the banks and the post office are closed right?

@drawandstrike Doesn’t RR testimony that he wasn’t aware of FISA content give him plausible deniability, pls he wasn’t the affiant. Paved the way to be a WITNESS.

Of ALL the protests turning riotous today...,can you really blame them in Atlanta for attacking the CNN building?

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