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Trump promised we’d get tired of winning. I’m not tired yet... More winning is welcome!! Drug price transparency, maximum pressure on Iran, China caves in on trade/tariffs, that’s just today!

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@ThomasWic @Debradelai Border Apprehension is skyrocketing but many caravans have been turned away. One explanation could be TRUMP is telling the truth and the WALL is being built and strategically building in areas to cause choke points increases APPREHENSION. A less porous border could cause the increase, not just larger amounts of attempted crossers, right?

Lock down MUST be slowing car usage and traffic. I haven’t driven my awesome gas guzzling SUV in 10 days!

Where are the climate change nuts? Why aren’t they touting the only logical end to their scharade-human suffering will help the climate.

Trump said “...we’re not playing games.”

During awesome Task Force Press Confrence today, Pence is asked if a Phase4 Stimulus Package will be needed? Pence thanks Congress for what they’ve done.

Pence (the Religious Terminator h/t Thomas Wictor) is ice cold.

-After the BS DIMMs pulled on Phase3, no freaking way they will go back for more funding! TRUMP went big and got what was needed.

All will be well!

Wife and I decided last week to only watch official, pundit free broadcasts of President’s Task Force press conference's.

TRUMP And the TEAM Unfiltered is the only way to go!

Best parts of today’s Task Force Press Confrence?

-President Trump describing how he uses the data and advice he gets, points to his head and refers to using “The computer Here”. (His mind is a computer!)

-Dr. Birx reveals she got tested at Walter Reed for COVID19-She tested negative! Trump starts jokingly distancing from her Saying “oh no” -She laughs and rolls her eyes at POTUS—too funny!

@ThomasWic @REX Would not presume to know the anticipated out come; TRUMP has too many threads in action for anyone to know.

BUT Pelosis’s /DIMM’s actions and Cocaine Mitch’s reaction seems very predictable and smells like a TRUMP victory scenario....

Reminiscent of Kavanugh...Chaos, Noise, Unrest in MSM; then vote and WIN!

All Will Be Well!!!

I often wonder how much Joan Rivers would have loved Trump moving the US Embassy in Israel to the true capital of Jerusalem...Joan’s winning season of the Apprentice was the best.

I’m certain she knew Trump is a mega genius, she was a smart cookie too. Always underestimated.


And Jarret goes on, ”Somehow, the country that sits right in between the two hotbeds, North Korea, miraculously insists they have zero cases of the virus…”

well, Maybe TRUMP’s approach and empowerment is WHY NK kept themselves SAFE from China in MANY ways.

NK is another TRUMP doctrine victory.

COVID19 free NK is an indicator TRUMP has freed NK from China’s boot on their neck....Fox can’t see it. heavily militarized border with South Korea or coming in through closed-off lines with China” but

“there have been black market traders operating in the area for years who could have brought the virus with them into the country.”

BUT maybe they didn’t this time!

I’m old enough to remember...
-QV with 4,800 Toots
-Brian Cates busting his hump working nights, in between articles!

Battlefield readiness.

Over last 2 years (2018-2019)and now accelerating in 3-6 months DOJ indictments specific to TAX Preparer Fraud and Medicaid Fraud...look at the cases JUST this Week!

It’s like the way is being cleared of THIEVES , in case govt had To Deploy $$ or Health Benefits to the masses.

TRUMP has been fixing things!

Poetic justice? @REX @drawandstrike @ThomasWic

EXISTING 2 hop capabilities used to bring down the spies and ALL conspirators. 77 more days for Durham collection of evidence.

Senate TODAY 3/18/2020-Passed by voice vote: S.3501, 77 Day FISA Extension.

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@Good4TheGANDER Whomever the Democratic Party nominee ends up being, the general Election vote totals in strongholds like New York, Chicago, L.A. and SF will decline significantly from 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2018. Establishment Media will blame low Democratic Party enthusiasm/low turnout. A more meaningful reason will be the work done the past three years by Trump’s DOJ to clean up the voter rolls in these corrupt Democratic cities.

All will be well!

I love James Woods, but Trump has quietly been taking away the ability to vote harvest and cheat for years.

The beta tests were FL and GA in 2018.

All will be well!!!

TRUMP has been addressing voter fraud for years....11/3/2020 will be the cleanest election in a generation.

Dirty Dems are done!

FYI Nakasone is a genius spook cut from the same cloth as Gen. Flynn.

From 11/5/2019... Notice the entire team that has been tasked with securing our VOTE security. All patriots and serious people.

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As Trump said, the best is yet to come.

In every way, shape, and form.


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