The old HW would spend hours each day enjoying your company online, learning and sharing knowledge, following events and so on.

The new HW is prioritizing her health and offline needs while trying to work smarter not harder on politics, while indulging her heroin-like addiction to family tree research.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. This phase of Trump's work is too important not to watch and celebrate every day. We are so blessed.


You have to take care of you first, everything else can wait. 💕


The LDS have extensive information available. Ask a local Mormon how to get started

@EarlThePearls Thanks, I've joined, which is one of the services the LDS family research division provides. Their traditional card index system can be a big help but sometimes the info is inaccurate... the modern digital database system they have on the website is great for confirming/disconfirming facts. Way easier now than when I started in the 80s. I appreciate LDS work over so many years.

My aunt has been tracking our ancestry back to Norway and France for the last 10 or 30 years and they're still finding things. From what she says it can be very challenging as you get further back. I imagine if you're from New Zealand it's even harder

@EarlThePearls That's exciting that she has found so much info. I used to think I could only go back as far as those ancestors who left the UK for NZ between the 1840s and 1870s but I've gone many centuries further back than that, thanks to And found a teeny weeny bit of French, Belgian & German blood too. Mostly Scots, Irish and English.

One branch of the family settled in Montreal Quebec Canada in the 1600s. They came there from France. I always like to joke that I'm descended from a long line of priests and nuns because they're Roman Catholic

@EarlThePearls Haha, nice! My heritage is filled with protestant ministers and missionaries and the occasional catholic who probably married for love. The division between the two sides has been very strong until the current generation. People tried to play down or hide their family background if they married into a protestant family in my tree. I find that sad, but I'm glad things are improving now.

@GodlessNZ @EarlThePearls 😂my husband was catholic. Family protestants. We use to joke about how we were supposed to be enemies

@Lemonhead @EarlThePearls same in my family, lol. have you ever watched the Monthy Python sketch song Every Sperm Is Sacred? A catholic who married into my family told me about it once. hilarious.

@GodlessNZ a better you means we can share in that when you post.☺

@Lemonhead You get it! Good work. It's an equation from Economics 101, right?

@GodlessNZ 😅 im not good at that, however know the trial is more adequate.

@GodlessNZ thats why I posted the pic of reminding myself of the beauty all around me every day.

@GodlessNZ I too have an addiction to my "ancestry" I intend to visit Ireland next year for 2 months (hopefully to celebrate my Irish citizenship).. its amazing.

@campers That will be wonderful, to visit Ireland for two months! I discovered that I have some Irish blood and it makes me proud. Mostly Scots & English with some Irish and small amounts of heritage from other European countries. Have ordered a DNA kit so that will be interesting too.


Very wise...

I have to prioritize too. I love research, but if I am not careful I can fall down a rabbit hole and lose most of the day.

I have too much to do to indulge that too often.

I have to be picky and choosey. I already have too much useless information rolling around in my head.

It is kind of like Imelda Marcos' shoes. There is only 365 days in a year, how could anyone possibly wear 3000 pairs of shoes?


Yes, it's a real dilemma, isn't it?

I paid a small fortune for a pol sci degree that was useless except for the ability to get a foot in the door as a government policy analyst. For 40 years or so I was brainwashed by the left, then my world completely changed in 2016 when I realized what international socialism actually is and does. So I feel like I am trying to make up for lost time, lol.


Woah... So glad you got out of that stinkin' thinkin', and that you are now on our side. 👍

Nice to have made your acquaintance.

This is why this forum is so great. You can actually have a conversation here.

I am so thankful that I found this place. Every other social forum I have been on since 2006 has been a crap shoot.

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