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The old HW would spend hours each day enjoying your company online, learning and sharing knowledge, following events and so on.

The new HW is prioritizing her health and offline needs while trying to work smarter not harder on politics, while indulging her heroin-like addiction to family tree research.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. This phase of Trump's work is too important not to watch and celebrate every day. We are so blessed.


I once read that, in hell, condemned souls spend their time raging at the other condemned souls that they blame for their own damnation.

This looks like it's going to be hell on earth for some.


Dear Loretta

I know that in March 2017 you told us this was a time of great fear and uncertainty for so many people.

But I'm sure you already knew by then that you weren't happy with your employee Comey's conduct the previous year.

Haven't heard from you in ages, until today.



A Nation of laws.

Eric Swalwell is running a scam as a Presidential Candidate to fund raise to payoff accumulated debt and his college loans; according to his financial disclosures as a congressman all he has is debt, no checking or savings account over $5000 and owns no property or investments he even cashed out a pension fund from the 6 years he actually worked ; placing him 1 level above AOC. These younger politicians cannot manage their own finances but love to spend our money.

This sounds to me like a downgrade from a subpoena:

Tweet from Chad Pergram:

"Nadler writes to McGahn. Says his presence is “required” tomorrow. Is not excused. Says cmte will use “all mechanisms at its disposal” to compel his appearance"

Trump will go BIBLICAL on the Democrats.
& believe me, Biblical is WORSE, far worse than Medieval.

An utterly vanquished Cautionary Tale right up there with Ancient Carthage.

Loretta Lynch accuses Comey of misrepresenting key Clinton probe conversation, was 'quite surprised' by his testimony


Let the cannibalism start!

Abandon ship!

All men and harpies to themselves!

😂 😆 😅


Following @catturd2

After the Lynch testimony dropped - James Comey is going to be in a full panic.

Tomorrow ... look for him to post a photo of himself on an ice glazier gazing thoughtfully at a polar bear's nut sack.
8:05 PM - 20 May 2019

"Whenever I see something that challenges me, I take it on."

RIP Niki Lauda. 1949-2019

Here are some more quotes by him:

We have NEVER had a First Lady such as Melania, and I mean that in a GOOD way.

Yuri is brilliant.
The man is a KGB defector.
He explains ideological subversion or active measures.

@patriotdistress @Alex_Graham

I'm not aware of any predicate that the House may have against PDJT at this time.

And even if they at some point believe that they have one, I'm relaxed about it, bc the Senate will never vote to impeach him, and if, heaven forbid, it did, no one would be able to stop citizen soldiers from reacting.

Even Dem Senators would realize this, and vote no.

Even if, they didn't, then LEOs would stop the civil unrest before it became a war.

All will be well.


(2) IMHO:

No death sentences needed. No treason convictions. No indictment of a former POTUS - for the sake of the country, not the person. His true legacy of shame will be punishment enough.

(I explain why, in toot (1) above.)

Punishment is only one of the four pillars of corrective justice. Deterrence is at least as important.



(1) So true, Alex. Charging them with treason is unnecessary and I would argue highly counter-productive too.

The goal I have at the forefront of my mind is for the outcome of all this in about 5-6 years' time to be transparency that allows for the education of voters so that they are way less likely to ever elect a traitor again.

Other benefits will also accrue, of course.


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