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The more that my long term health problems flare up and suck energy out of my day, the more I am forced to be tough on emotional vampires, like the people who try to drag everyone down with doubts, negativity and fearmongering about what Trump is doing.

If you want to mope, don't do it where I can see it then complain about my tone.

Trust Trump; he's got this.

@Hunter Hi, thanks for your toot. I've been busy with a family issue and haven't had time to toot here. Have been active on Twitter when I get a chance, though. I'm always available by DM either here or there.

1. Hello everyone. I would like to write my first thread here. Forgive me if it's not properly laid out.
Today, socialist sanders posted this propaganda article to take shots at trump.

I would like to thoroughly debunk it in this thread. First a little background. I am a practicing pharmacist. I went to Pharm school for 6 years. graduated in 2013 and have been working at a very busy pharmacy since. we process and fill nearly 1000 prescriptions a day

Harmeet Dhillon is planning to go after those who were complicit in Andy Ngo's assault, including their assets (as well as parents). she's also going after the blue marks.

The belief is that police wanted protestors to break in to cause a chaotic mess and thereby discredit the protestors.

There is also the suggestion that the protestors were infiltrated.

The latter unfortunately is believable to me. I have no way to verify other than that the PRC already has sent counter-protesters regularly in the past few years.


Hong Kong reddit says HK police let protestors break in

Disgraced Broward County sheriff is running again.Former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel filed to run for reelection in an attempt to get his old job back.Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis removed Israel from his position in January over his mishandling of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in which 17 students and faculty were killed.


Have ALWAYS followed your commentaries and know how gifted and talented you are. Every positive statement you make, analysis you share, and general kind words betters peoples’ lives. God Bless. I’ve been in NZ. I used to raise sheep!

@selah18 @ThomasWic
These are unbelievable, wonderful times.. Trump is definitely at the forefront, but especially Trump wouldn't want his most loyal supporters to be without due acknowledgements.. bravo Duane and Brian.. to the really lit brothers we've come to know and love...👍

once we get into n’awlins and get close to the high-rise bridge (industrial canal) i always start playing this here song.
it’s perfect for pre-op...

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.