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I can't express how much peace, joy and intellectual satisfaction I feel now that (a) Things are really moving in the Trump admin regarding multiple critical issues for national security and for freedom in general and (b) I've ditched Twitter except for promotion of SQV.

My heart is filled with gratitude for all of you who contribute to these successes.

My favorite follows: @Debradelai @ThomasWic @drawandstrike @DuaneCates @hnijohnmiller @DeplorableAynNY & @luvmycountry1

Blessings to all.

@saramangas People like John Podesta have been doing speaking tours in NZ and AU for years. Both HRC and Obama were here last year, and there were the same kind of desperate conspiracy theories then.

I'm sure that if the NZ attacker needed a visit from an associate just prior the the attack, it would not have been someone well known like John Podesta.

This was a very mentally ill, evil attacker. No conspiracy theory necessary.

This one sentence made my Day.

As a Hobbyist Historian I've studied WWII from the age of 15 but never from the standpoint of the US (with NATO as the Backdrop) to keep the Europeans from slaughtering each other.

This is a PERFECT phrase to describe what actually happened.

(36) Unusually, a group of representatives of the Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Rātana, Catholic, Anglican and Presbyterian faiths and churches were present in the chamber yesterday.

(35) People who are bigoted against one or all religious groups complained about the Imam being invited to say a prayer (in Arabic then in English.) They included people who claim to be conservatives, and Trump supporters, but they singled out Islam for condemnation. Which is NOT what President Trump ever does.

I think many of them on social media are fake accounts, funded by those who want to cause civil unrest.

The freedom allowing the Christian prayer allows the Islamic prayer.

(34) At the start of each day the NZ Parliament is in session, this prayer is said:

"Almighty God, we give thanks for the blessings which have been bestowed on us. Laying aside all personal interests, we acknowledge the Queen and pray for guidance in our deliberations, that we may conduct the affairs of this House with wisdom, justice, mercy, and humility for the welfare and peace of New Zealand. Amen."

Yesterday the Speaker of the House invited an Imam to say a prayer before the usual one.

Gabbard is another amoral politician who should have never been given any amount of power.

Trump is easily the most responsible president we've ever had, in terms of using military force.

I am sick to death of leftist psychos who serve and then use that as some kind of metric for their fitness to hold office.

If you can't admit that Assad is a war criminal, you shouldn't be in politics.

Gabbard is crazy and corrupt.

“It’s a bad week for CNN and it’s only Tuesday: Trumps’s disapproval numbers are going down (which means approval numbers are going up), and Supreme Ct sides with ICE on picking up illegals.” ~ Limbaugh

18. As for me and my house, we will back the blue, and maintain our principled, informed, and rational assessment of events.

I've read about the terrorist attacks that changed the lives of @ThomasWic, @Debradelai and others here. They have seen and experienced things no human being should ever have to face.

Read this by Thomas:

13. The meme shooter is a bigoted, racist POS. He can be two things at the same time, so in addition to that, he is ALSO an individual who did this unspeakable crime for the purpose of:


He entertained himself, and the unknown thousands of similar pieces of shit around the world who are still laughing at each other's sick jokes about the video of the massacre and every court appearance he makes, and they will continue to laugh about it for the rest of their lives.

(1) Thread #4: My unexpected stream of consciousness threads after Christchurch, NZ 15/3 continue.

It's near the end of Day 4. I have no idea how long this thread series will last or what I will say. Maybe I will convert them into a book, or at least a series of blog posts.

Right now I'm doing about as well as Americans living in North Eastern states were doing on 9/15/01.

It's the best of times (because of all the love and increased security) and it's of course the worst of times.

Here are the links to my threads so far on the Christchurch, NZ mosque shootings on 15/3.

Believe nothing said in the media, including claims about overreaching online "censorship" by the NZ Police. It's fake news by those trying to cash in on our tragedy.



Hey, folks, that time of the month already, and with a couple of thousand more users, it's time for a reminder.

We do not have advertising here, and we do no data mining.

We depend exclusively on voluntary subscriptions and donations to keep this place running.

To all of you who contribute, THANK YOU, you make this forum possible.

To those who are coming abord, please contribute at a level that is comfortable for you.

Is this place worth two lattes a month?!supportus

My feeling is that many of us here in the states have become so aware of situations that we don't even realize that we are doing it. Always looking/locating exits in public places, checking out stores before entering, what type of vehicle you are parking next to, and just general suspicious activity. I call it heightened awareness....having a plan on how to remove yourself from a situation.
And you are right, it is unhealthy to not leave the house.

@Veni @GodlessNZ

I like this one.

Notice MBS' face.

That's an "I smell a fart, but I'm not going to mention it." moment.

He knows the French stink like limburger.

(33) I often point out the things about New Zealanders that I don't like, but there are many good things about them too.

We are fast learners, and we are known for our can-do attitude.

When we see an office building collapse and kill, we do what is needed to learn from that tragedy. The same will be true after 15/3.

No matter how much it inconveniences us, we will do our best to save lives.

(32) Of the 185 people who died because of the Feb 2011 Christchurch earthquake, 115 were in a 6-storey office building that pancaked on them in a matter of 30 seconds.

A higher quality engineer's report after the earthquake in Sept 2010 would have closed the building, preventing their deaths.

So NZ now has the most stringent standards in the world. A major building can be closed indefinitely without notice, as happened to the public library in the capital city of Wellington two hours ago:


Why did I call this "Trump in Iraq"?

Because so much is happening that when you see it in real time, you catch almost nothing.

And that's deliberate.

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