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Someone asked me to school

Here goes.

The Syrians rose up on March 15, 2011. Assad's security forces opened fire on them the same day.

Almost all "news" is a waste of time at best and misleading at worst.

It has to change.

I expect it will in Trump's second term.



I am in Baltimore. Rep. Elijah Cummings’ district. I spent all day speaking with dozens of people who live in Rep. Cummings’ district. Some have lived here +60 years.
I learned so much.
Before continuing, ask yourself: Do you want to know the truth?

Here it is…

A true measure of their evil is how they enjoy the power of deceit. And his they don't care about the misery it causes.

In Crooked's case, inflicting pain makes her happy. She's a psychopath. Before this is done, I'm certain that we are going to find out a lot more about the depravity of Hillary Clinton.

Final word. We may be the first post-progressives, but there will be more. I'm confident that Trumps strategy is waking up MILLIONS.

In the meantime, we fight on, friends.

The end.

Twitter messed up and changed their format - it totally sucks (Twitter fell for the "New Coke" hook, line and sinker) and they obviously manipulate the feed - suddenly I was seeing tweets from stupid Dems - like I was going to be so easily swayed - not a chance - we are NOT the stupid sheeples!

@Bunniesmommy @NevadaJack
Thanks - my daughter is putting "Should I Answer" on her phone now - she gets so many spam calls everyday - she was thinking of getting rid of her cell phone! We have changed her number twice in the last 6 months!

Only four legit Trump Campaign organizations:

Donald J. Trump for President,

Republican National Committee,
and two joint committees with the RNC

Trump Make America Great Again Committee (TMAGAC)

Trump Victory

And there is only ONE non-campaign outfit:

America First Action.

Every other organization trying to get your funds using President Trumps name is a FRAUD.

Give them nothing and expose them!


Trump HAS to let the Democrats take this as far as they're willing.

If Trump saves them from themselves, it'll be just like Europe before 1945: war every twenty-odd years, just like clockwork.

This is how you deal with addicts. They have to hit bottom.

And don't forget that all these Democrats were ELECTED. It's time that the voters feel the pain of their decisions.

Finally, the Democrats are guilty of unprecedented crimes. They deserve everything that's coming.

Hundreds of people threaten President Trump in one way or another everyday on Twitter and don't get called on it - but I just got a 12hr suspension for telling Ainsley on Fox and friends to hush up because she rambles incoherently (and my account was locked within 2 mins of posting).....ridiculous! Twitter Gestapo!
Good! I wanted a reason to get off twitter anyway and get more familiar with QuodVerum! Always looking on the bright side!


Looking forward to what the have to say about that and all of it.

This was a total setup by the Obama administration to embarrass the US, make Iran look good, and preserve the nuclear deal.

Here's the proof:

Obama was overwhelmingly rejected in 2016 when Crooked got her arse spanked. She NOT only lost the electoral BUT the popular also. GOOGLE moved a minimum of 2.6 mil votes upwards to 10 mil votes to Crooked Hillary. If Michelle Obama is the Dems secret weapon they are screwed. All you need to do to know the winner of 2020 is compare DEM rallies to President Trumps Rallies. Dems can’t fill a small room. Trump can’t find a space large enough for the tens of thousands of ppl attending his!


Because the Democrats are fighting him every inch of the way, the Republican establishment is fighting him every inch of the way, drug cartels are fighting him every inch of the way, and all South American countries are fighting him every inch of the way.

Most importantly, the American voter keeps electing people who support this.

In the past, we were protected from the stupidity of our decisions. Trump is simply showing us the reality of voting while stupid.

2. Khan only has himself to blame.

He put himself on Trump's 'list' years ago. Have a listen to Trump on this video, from May 2016 (NOTE - PM David Cameron's IC goons were already working with Obama's dogs at this time, to rig the 2016 election):

'Tell him (Khan) I will remember those statements'.

Uh-oh, Sadiq. Ditto, David Cameron.

Though it's a bitch to pull up stakes at my age, the alternative is worse.

Staying here.

California is ruined.

But like leftist Californians, I don't care.

This state worked VERY hard at destroying itself.

People should get what they want.


Let me get this straight.

Leftists say it's OK for the Democrat AG in 2016 to investigate and frame innocent US citizens for made up crimes, but it's not OK for the 2019 MAGA AG, to investigate guilty US citizens, for real crimes.

You can't make this sh&t up 😂🤦‍♂️

9. There's NOTHING good for the Dems in the Mueller Report. If I'm right, it's going to be the equivalent of a 400 page INDICTMENT of Obama, Clinton & their goons.

It's going to be a MOAB, that the Dems never expected.

They've been LURED into demanding the release of the report. But don't be surprised if they suddenly reverse course and demand it sealed.

Too bad. Whatever choice they make, the outcome is the same:

The Report WILL come out. They're TRAPPED.


The end.

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