Tonight was Elton John. The man was great. 2.5 hours of hits. His voice was pretty good. Some banter with the crowd snd no politics. Been a great week of entertainment for us!

@IrredeemableOne he did!the screen behind him had pics of his long career, was nice with the song

@Gmajv —Someone mentioned the same thing about Billy Joel last week. A great show with no politics. Was it you per chance?

That’s lightning in a bottle.🙂👍🏾

@BlkLdyPatriot @Gmajv we are all sick of entertainers lecturing us. Shut up and sing! Kudos to Billy Joel and Elton John!

@Twoseyloo @BlkLdyPatriot amen! I hate that. Saw Bill Engvall, comedian last week too, not 1 political joke. We laughed for two hours while he made fun of himself, his wife & parents. I’m sick of being lectured to by Celebes. The last shows were great without the politics!!!

@Twoseyloo —Absolutely!

Aside from a few notable exceptions, these iconic veterans know which side their bread is buttered.


@Gmajv I read he did a terrific job of Philadelphia Feeedom too!

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