@EarlThePearls big time. All stock holders lost their stock, but unions were protected. Made me so angry, white collar retirees who had stock went broke. Auto supply companies went broke & their pensioners got nothing. Only the UAW was saved

There are so many gullible people who believe Alex Jones is a truth teller. I don’t usually respond on Instagram but he was cruel to Sandy Hooks families while he lined his pockets. He admits to $5million wealth…. Selling fear & lies. Wrong

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Why can't the US do these things?

I am 3rd generation manufacturing/engineering and this annoys me greatly

I have had to revert back to my 4th generation back trade of bookseller 😎

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Polls closed. Oakland County used to be solid red, it’s now solid blue. We had 241 voters (pathetic). 189 Dems 59 GOP. @watch4thedrop Dixon took 53 of 59 GOP governor votes

Looks like Haley Stevens is outpacing Andy Levin. A family dynasty hopefully bites the dust

@Debradelai cities & towns around the country begging for poll workers. “We need volunteers, not enough people working at polls”. I sign up. There are 8 workers here, they need 5. I am now committed to sitting on my arse till 9pm after close & equipment taken down

The 5 with jobs have done this together for over 10 years and took all the jobs. They’ll find some for me as the day goes they are a great team!

Kinda like meat prices & shortages that you keep ridiculing

My neighbor just called me to ask who to vote for! She knew I was involved & respected my opinion. Flattered. @watch4thedrop i told her to vote for Tudor Dixon


Donald Trump endorses Tudor Dixon to be Michigan's governor
Former President Donald Trump endorsed Tudor Dixon to be Michigan's next governor on Friday, ending a months long and hostile fight for his support.
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How’s Jesse doing today. Hopefully drugs worked & he’s feeling better

@Debradelai question I listened to BB from last night & you & Thomas seem to think Dems are so bad they will be losing in November. “Crazy is peaking in time for elections”. Scott Pressler is not optimistic, he sees apathy as he travels the country.
Do you think apathy will be stronger than Dem crazy in November.

2). We started talking about his son & my GS. His son has a gift for computers, mine is composing music. Told him GS going to Berklee, he stops me & says my brother went there & is now a composer for films & video games even won an Emmy. Brother is even a major donor. Takes mine & GS info & asks brother to talk to him about composing & life at Berklee

He didn’t need to do that to get my vote My daughter thinks parents of autistic children are a small group that hep each other

1) I want to share a nice story about a politician went last week to meet & greet for local candidates. One man really got my attention, one of his goals was to improve special education, has an autistic son who did not thrive in school- public or private. Most of you know 1 of grandsons has autism and has struggled greatly. Went to speak to him after meeting told him he had my vote because of special needs education.

2). He was a good speaker & a great motivator!

@watch4thedrop Your girl Tudor Dixon was there. She had great points- school, business friendly. I liked her better than the Jan6 guy Ryan Kelly. He’s slick and he will fight 🙄

Interesting morning

1) Saw Scott Pressler speak today, interestingly he doesn’t see a red wave “as I’ve traveled around the country I don’t see any voter enthusiasm, I see apathy and that scares me”. He had some strong things to campaign on: school parents allowed to participate, no CRT, no sex Ed before 3rd grade, medical freedom, no one can be fired for not getting a vaccine ect, economy
“Don’t just be against Joe Biden or Gretchen Whitmer, be for something. Get involved, get your friends & family involved

I just got an email asking for $$ to stop the impeachment of Clarence Thomas. Are people really that gullible?
I was also sending out texts to precinct delegates to see Scott Pressler & I got this response

Why is Rinke listed first on absentee ballot and Kelley listed last? Not alphabetical. And why was there a secret meeting of DeVos and others? Why are elite RINOs donating to dem candidate in Detroit?

Sometimes I’m convinced we are doomed,
thank God for kids like @Debradelai daughter. HOPE

Tonight was Elton John. The man was great. 2.5 hours of hits. His voice was pretty good. Some banter with the crowd snd no politics. Been a great week of entertainment for us!

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