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Question for Southern Florida Quods

Shooting on Miami Beach made national news. Was this a rare occurrence? So rare it made national new. Or is this a subtle get Ron DeSantis? He’s no better on crime than Newsome or Hochul.

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as “the best money we’ve ever spent.”

While Graham appeared to have made the remarks in different parts of the conversation, the short video by Ukraine’s presidential office put them next to each other, causing outrage in Russia.

I spoke with a few retired nurses. One was a professor at a local university teaching new nurses. She said it’s been difficult 4 years because students just aren’t as literate or prepared to do the work to graduate from nursing school. The final straw was reading essays of new applicants, describing what they bring to the nursing profession, one applicant said “I’m a black male”. That’s it, nothing else.

many now enter college assuming they will graduate just because they showed up & paid

Durham just ended his investigation into trump & Russia

“Harsh criticism but no arrests”

What’s Brian Cates going to grift on now?

He had a mean face picture, turns out that’s all he had.

My guy Tim does not see his brothers often, they are scattered across the country. Tonight we are in La Jolla with his family for the first time in 13 years for his nephews wedding. It was such a great night, great to celebrate his nephew, enjoy his brothers

Today my good friend was put in hospice, seeing the joy in life of being with family is the balm I needed to know life’s has lots of good along the awful

Chis Christie is starting a common sense party & Dave Trott (R) former Michigan congressman is all in. Example in MI. Mart DePerno (R)is far right & contemplate run for senate. Alysa Slotkin (D) is far left but talks a moderate game. Trott says this common sense party would endorse Slotkin cause she’s “willing to compromise”

Basically never Trumpers finding a new way to defeat Donald Trump & republicans with a spine. Luckily they are a party of sore losers going no where

It’s a great day grandson and I went to Detroit Symphony Orchestra to hear Beethoven 8th and a brand new piece that featured trombones. He plays trombone.
I really enjoy our outings at the symphony. He’s a classical music composer, he gives me so many tidbits on performers, instruments and the classic composers. Watching him be passion about music is one of the joys in my life

What a bunch of BS Politico says Jill gives Jo her support to run again like she doesn’t relish the attention & power


Newt Gingrich thinks Michelle Obama is running, she was on stage playing tambourine with Bruce Springsteen & Susan Rice left before Joe announced his reelection campaign.

Did anyone else catch the clues like Newt did?

New idea making the rounds
2024 Trump & Tucker Carlson

Stupid is multiplying

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DeSantis also spoke this month in Michigan at the Midland County Republican Party Dave Camp Spring Breakfast and at Hillsdale College.

However, Trott jumping on the Trump train isn't likely considering his criticism of the former president. After Jan. 6 insurrection in 2021, Trott said he would have supported Trump's impeachment were he still in Congress, calling the president “unfit" and saying he "probably will go down as one of the worst presidents our country has had."


you know, think he’s kind of awkward in terms of how he interacts with them,” Trott said.

“If his pre-presidential campaign was playing out differently, then I’d say, ‘Well, maybe he just didn’t like me.’ But I think there’s something more at work here.”

This narrative about DeSantis' aloofness comes as a slew of members of Congress from his home state endorsed Trump for president in recent days, even after DeSantis made a trip to Capitol Hill. 3/4

Trott, who retired from Congress in 2018, credited DeSantis for his ability to put his finger on hot-button issues to reach his political goals, but said he lacks "likeability," claiming that DeSantis never developed relationships with other members and was arrogant and "very focused on Ron DeSantis."

"He wasn’t really liked when he was in Congress. And now it's coming home to, you know, prove out as some of the Florida delegation endorsed Trump and and some of the donors,


Detroit news
Former U.S. Rep. Dave Trott, R-Birmingham, is really letting his hair down these days.

In Friday's Politico PLAYBOOK newsletter, Trott expounded upon his disdain for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who appears to be gearing up to seek the Republican nomination for president. Trott said he sat next to DeSantis on the House Foreign Affairs Committee when they served in Congress together and was stunned when DeSantis never said a word to him over two years.

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I watched last a Sunday’s quod meet today and I have a thought about the resistance to trans women. I don’t care if you are blue green, have relations with your spouse or his brother, have a penis, chopped it off or tried to build one. Have at it.
I find it annoying that trans women are being celebrated as better than biological women. Woman if the year was trans for a magazine, 1st woman HHS is trans, winning beauty pageants …etc.
its an annoying fad

@Debradelai loved last nights VIP.
History lessons always my favorite

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