Serious question when a candidate says your contribution is being matched, where do the funds come from?

In Detroit 2 nights ago, protests in the streets.. lots of “peaceful protestors” jumped on a police car, someone broke the rear windshield, police officer sped up. Some punk ass is now whining in Twitter that he was hurt falling off said car & wants officers, chief & mayors fired or resigning for the brutality shown to the “protesters“. Am I the only one scratching my head thinking “how the hell is it the police officers fault when you jumped on the car”

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Name removal going out of control?

Woodrow Wilson? No problem here but John Wayne? Now that is overreaching.

Can I find General Flynn with Rush without joking rush27?

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@watspn1013 thinking about you. Hope you’re doing ok. Thinking about you.

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Monica Lewinsky took a knee. America never forgot.

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Yup. Parents no longer parenting. I am with you, pisses me off to no end!

Whole I’m thrilled Governor Whitless is freeing most of us. I am disgusted by her remarks about Donald trump. Him telling governors to stop the violence is bad? WTF

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Just a thought, how many of the recently released prisoners are now being paid to riot?

Has anyone heard from Governor Whitless in Michigan that lockdown will be extended because people gathering in Detroit to peacefully protest, definitely not social distancing! When conservatives gathered in Lansing we got extensions! I haven’t heard any scolding from her!

@Debradelai @ThomasWic thank you for last nights beard blather. Gave some very good insight into how we got to riots across America. So grateful Trump is in office. So grateful for your insights. Smart men!

The family of the senior citizen beaten by a 20 year old man in a nursing home lawyered up. The family of victim Obtained Geoffrey Fieger. A notorious ambulance chaser in Michigan who represented Dr Kevokerian who was performing assisted suicides about 20 years ago. Fieger Dan be an ass but he’s also a bulldog who wins. Nursing home named in suit. Not sure about Governor Whitless. For once I’m glad to see Fieger

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Her legacy of failure grew over Memorial Day weekend as she had law enforcement focus on stopping churches from holding services that went against her draconian lockdown decrees. Meanwhile, Chicago had the bloodiest Memorial Day weekend in years.

48 shot
10 shot and killed

And what did Lori Lightfoot have her police force focus on?
Shutting down a black church service with 5 different cop cars.
These are Democrat policies at work
Remember that in Nov

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Randy expresses what we are all feeling & experiencing in a Michigan today.

We honored those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the cost of our freedom

Yet we sit here under house arrest for over TWO months deprived of our Constitutional rights. We have been ORDERED by a tyrannical Governor to abandon OUR freedom because the left hates Trump.


Press play arrow on the tweet, but NOT on the video!

Press words “Michigan...Time to Stand the TOP of screen.

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Trump declared all houses of worship as essential. If governors don’t open them immediately “I will”. Maybe he’s given them enough rope & is going to overturn onerous edicts

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