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on meet the press. Who’s more disgusting ChuckTodd or Megan Rapinoe🤢. I’ll be sure to miss it

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I have an idea for the district that elects a nut job they should be forced to give up their seat m Congress for 10 years. AOC district blend in with other NY districts & Wyoming gets her seat. IOmar district goes to Montana RTalib Ohio gets your seat. These women are certifiable crazy people with little worth for society let alone Congress.

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@mariel @All_Is_Well

YouTube gave me a community strike for criticizing Jew-haters.

I've removed all my videos.

YouTune is now in the business of protecting Jew-haters.

So I can't be a part of YouTube anymore.

I’m so glad I have mind that can’t think of many other answers to life besides skin color. Obama was not well received by many because of obvious desire to weaken if not destroy this great nation. Small minds are sad & scary. I’m tired of this constant refrain Black isn’t a disability or disease just STOP

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And just so, so funny.

David Attenborough guides us through 'The Swamp'. Archive now before the killjoys take it down!

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Someone tell Hillary that Cortez is about to spill some major dirt her. Problem solved.

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Good point!

Ryan Fournier

I find it funny that Kamala Harris constantly blames white people but is married to a rich white guy.

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This is why we separate children from their "families". A girl of 10, found with a "family member" who was not really family but who bought her from her family, was found to have 20 different sets of sperm within her.
I'll leave you to draw your own conclusion.

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"Trump: “Vlad, do me a favour?”
Putin: “Sure, anything”
Trump: “send 1 million Russians to Mexican border to seek asylum and say they will vote for Republicans ”
Putin: “consider it done”
Trump: “Democrats will fund a complete Wall”
Putin: “Brilliant -ART OF THE DEAL”"

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There are some things so wrong that we cannot allow ourselves to get used to them. We must always be outraged over them. We can never accept them as the new status quo. The drag queen assault on our children is one of those things. 

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LOL Trump's Judas Goats have done it.

They pulled it off.

EVERY SINGLE CANDIDATE ON THE DEBATE STAGE TONIGHT AFFIRMED THEIR HEALTHCARE PLAN not only will be run by the state, stripping million's of Americans of their current private plans, their tax $ will also cover ILLEGALS

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We are one cowboy away from The Village People debating on the Democratic Debacle oops Debates

Switched from dem drama to college World Series... announcer touting a very diverse group of kids this year! Is it just me or shouldn’t college baseball World Series be about baseball notthe color of their skin?!

Wow was (?) over the top asking a ? About immigrant dad & daughter drowning? @realDonaldTrump. Give me a break! Why is dad in river with 23 month old committing a crime Ugh so dishonest

This brought a smile to my face. Love the idea of sharing with friends. Hate the reality of Facebook

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@Debradelai Apparently Unseen 1 shares your discontent. Twitter is making it hard to copy of course.

If u are a Trump supporter and went through your day and thought today u weren't winning....

Wake the hell up.

We won against Planned Parenthood, we won on religious freedom, we won on Wall Street, we advanced on USMCA & Iran fronts, we won on Biden, we won on Hicks hearing.

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