Does Trump look like an idiot saying stuff like this or the injured party?

Breitbart headline.

Trump Suggests ‘Termination’ of U.S. Constitution Allowable over 2020 Twitter Scandal


They dont want people to eat ketchup in the Czech Repulic. They consider it a side dish & charge for it. (100 kronur is about a dollar)

@Debradelai i could have used your knowledge today. Tim & I are in Berlin for the Christmas markets & touring. We went to checkpoint Charley. I knew the basics of what & why. Would have been good to hear all your details.
They had slides with info on how & why Hitler happened. 1 I found most fascinating was how Hitler/party controlled media & culture. There was crash of 29 & bad things from WW1 treaty that left Germans struggling & looking for blame. It was an interesting day

Happy Thanksgiving Hope your day is full of the people you love and lots of great food!!

Dixon seems establishment (Devos) to me, and even she couldn't come close to Whitmer

They stole the election again. And she bowed down to soros

Put me in the signal chat
Matters like these should be discussed over SMS

My thoughts. Stupid breeds stupid& it’s been very fertile

I texted lots of people for Michigan candidates this fall I’m still on a group text & it’s scary how some people dant believe they just lost. Here are some texts I got tonight:

Not to happy with Matt deperno right now he conceded now wants to be Michigan gop chairman. I think he got bought.


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Enjoyed BB as always. Thanks @Debradelai @ @ThomasWic

Good luck tomorrow Saul!

. They are also increasingly likely to have been raised by one parent and to believe that single-parent households are not “a bad thing for society.”
Big picture: The GOP has a massive political problem on its hands. While Republicans made gains among minority voters this year, they will have to address the rising threat of a politically active generation with little connection to traditional values.


Issues that need to be addressed

What young voters care about: Exit polls show that youth voters were motivated by their support for progressive causes like abortion rights, climate policy, and gun control. Twenty-five-year-old candidate Maxwell Frost was elected in Florida as the first Gen-Z Congressmen in history after running on these issues.
A deep cultural shift: Polling data in recent years show that Gen-Z Americans are the most secular and openly LGBTQ of any living age group.

From a newsletter called upward news.

Gen Z’s vote stopped the Red wave

What we know: About 27 percent of voters aged 18-29 voted this November, marking the second-highest youth turnout of any midterm election in history. “Generation Z” favors the Democratic Party more than any other age group and was a key factor in many races Republicans lost.


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@Gmajv Yes, it pisses me off when you see the Dems out funding our candidates six times over and there's GOP money sitting there untapped.

I don’t think this was all Trumps fault. But I also don’t think he is the savior of the GOP and yesterday proved we need more faces & messages than “ Trump”

And why didn’t Trump use that huge war chest to help the candidates he endorsed? That’s a huge war chest he has at each rally he has a text donations to his “non” campaign too.


And maybe people wanted more than promises of investigations into Biden & FBI coming from GOP leadership like McCarthy. Maybe this is what he should have said “elect GOP & we will stop Dem/Joes over each


My random thoughts, I’ve never seen polling be wrong that favors GOP! We lost because of abortion & the least educated amongst us bought the BS that GOP would steal democracy We put weak & extremists candidates in too many races, IE our SOS & AG candidates in MI are big time election deniers. The GOPe & other big donors locked their pockets. The national RNC did not support candidates in many states especially Ronnas home state of MI & too many voters want to be supported by the government

Close to 600 & 50 more in line. Never going to get home, but it’s good to see Bigger than some presidential years

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