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A Democrat attended a Trump rally.

They said "Welcome."

She was shellshocked.


To my American friends,
Please spread the word about Iran's malign influence among the campaigns of U.S. presidential candidates.
This thread sheds light on Sanders' ties with Tehran's DC-based lobby group NIAC.


Tammy Bruce (@HeyTammyBruce) Tweeted:
Trump flies to Dover after rally to pay respects to two soldiers killed in Afghanistan
t.co/XCkStrk2A0 twitter.com/HeyTammyBruce/stat

Iranians across the country are torching images of 's main terrorist Qassem Soleimani.

(Original video lacks audio)

California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes discusses Democrat efforts to withhold impeachment transcripts..Nunes slams Dems for withholding impeachment documents. They have only released 17 of the 18 documents


Senator Susan Collins says she's been getting death threats (from unhinged lefties) since she voted to acquit President Trump last week. The threats are being investigated & have been deemed "credible"



The impeachment fiasco has destroyed both Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, the most prominent among many, many others. They have hurled themselves on the ash-heap of history.

Yes - Biden was already a terrible candidate with no chance. His implosion is happening more quickly with impeachment.

The full extent of the self-inflicted devastation for the Democrats will become evident slowly, throughout the year and beyond.

MORE LIBERAL TEARS : VINDMAN escorted from White House.

Great news. Good riddance to the pompous, seditious turd.

I'm hearing that Vindman will now be moved to DOD where he can sit in his shiny uniform tied to a desk all day under close watch, while hopefully facing court-martial.


-Iran's live state TV invites an American expert who says Qassem Soleimani was the most dangerous terrorist the world has ever seen.
-Translator whispers frantically, "Cut it off! Cut if off!"
-Anchorman looks back at control room saying with his eyes, "CUT IT OFF!"



Replying to

Translation: NOW any illegal communications that had with the media puts them at risk for a court martial and civilian prosecution under the Espionage Act.

Nancy Pelosi and her staff wrote to Facebook and Twitter, demanding they remove this video...

Because it was “unfair to Pelosi.”

Both companies denied to remove it. 🤣

Make it viral again.


I passed out last night in the chair expecting to channel surf; however, my kids had YouTube up and I began watching the Glenn Beck special "Ukraine The Final Piece". I have to say it was really impressive. The old Glenn Beck chalk board act but chubbier and with Santa hair.

I love that James is back. Here's his latest interesting thought ... 😂🧐

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