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/Addendum -

So a bit of time has passed since the news broke of MAL being raided..

Things are about to get spicy - Trump have a few others...but now we need to pay greater attention to the folks on 'our' side.

Who's going to take things too far? Who's going to try and sabotage the potential momentum this will bring the GOP by saying something or doing something that pushes it too far? Bannon? Bongino? A RINO?

Pay attention, as a lot can be learned as the dust settles.. 🧐

@KariLake: "Our Government, originally created of the people, by the people and for the people has now turned Against We the People. No one is safe.

I am praying not only for President Trump, but for the entire Nation."

The thing to keep in mind about all this is that Trump will use this FBI Raid to his advantage. Have no doubt about that.

The FBI/DOJ has just given Trump a big talking point on a golden platter for his 2024 campaign. We’ll be hearing about this — directly from Trump — for a long time.

Okay everybody — CALM DOWN.

Yes, Mar-A-Lago was raided. Don’t fall into the hands of the Dems and freak out. Yeah, it was blatantly flagrant. But surprising? NO. In the coming days we’ll know *IF* the DOJ/FBI actually got anything significant. If Trump has learned ANYTHING in the last 6 years, it’s that he’d better expect crap like this and have all his bases covered. I’m betting he was OVERLY prepared for something like this. FUDGE RULE APPLIES.


This is 100% my feeling. The dems overreached on this one. I'm sure there will be the usual suspects, the ones who hate Trump for just existing. But something tells me that most people are going to be like, "WTF?"

Hearing way too much about Maggie Haberman…..

A well known pathetic liar. Now trying to sell a book.

THE WRAPUP SMEAR……Pelosi would be proud.

The FBI just united the entire world behind President Trump.

@Lemonhead @YoungBlood


It is perfectly ok to feel anger.

Having said that, it would be far more productive to follow SMB's advice to...

...not get mad, get even.

Become politically active on school boards, sheriffs departments, city hall, DA Office, policy non-profits etc etc...

Whether we like it or not, the fight for the Soul of our Nation has been foisted upon us...and we only have ourselves to blame for allowing this to germinate and grow.

Let's all be happy soldiers.


This will be all BS charges but they want the photos of Trump in handcuffs. This will all backfire on them. They must be terrified of Trump getting reelected. This must be so much worse than we even know.
I smell Obama all over this. Now we know why the Director of the FBI had to leave town so quickly.
Never in the history of this Country has the FBI raided the home of a former president.
Let's see how this plays out.

I hope and pray he unleashes the wrath of hell on them ALL, like never believed possible.

Complete desperation act! Will even galvanize the right more to vote these demons out. Biggest overreach in modern American political history imo.

The FBI raiding Trump is as disgusting as the Afghanistan pull out

affairs of their own but they seem to condone any activity including sexual activities. And I believe a pre-requisite for some of these blowhard perverts is that their job requires an extreme case of TDS. Well, FBI, I think you should keep your mind on the terrorists who have entered this country thanks to the diapered (p)resident before the people suffer another 9/11 at the hands of these dickheads. You know they are here, now have the balls to get them in GITMO!

As per Fox News, Eric Trump said as many as 30 agents raided the Palm Beach home. They were not judicious about what they took which included many boxes of documents, as well as breaking into the safe.

Can you imagine how violated you would feel after those jack-booted thugs rifled through your private home?


Light a fire watch it burn. The mistake these idiots are making is that we hold our fire.

Miranda Devine just on Tucker tonight and she said that the FBI was allowed to enter Trump's home months ago so they could go through the very boxes of docs they took away today.
The one thing I see coming out of this raid, is the Dems using it to claim Trump is out for vengeance when he does start cleaning out the FBI. I say Bring it on Mr. President, vengeance is your right!

@DC_Draino: "Pay close attention to how every elected Republican reacts to this unprecedented raid

We need to know exactly who the backstabbers are"

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