Mayor of Washington DC granted a waiver of the 14 day mandatory quarantine for those traveling from high risk states to all members of Congress who attended John Lewis’ funeral.

Rules for thee, not for me.

“FLASH: At least 21 people shot, 6 fatally so far this weekend in Chicago; 9-year-old boy among the dead“

Lives do not matter....😥

This is Brian.
Brian is an Antifa street rioter.
Brian has an allergy.
Brian is allergic to hitting a woman in front of a REAL MAN.
Don't be like Brian.


No. He was denied that treatment in GA.

The very treatment that cleared my symptoms in three days.

The one the FDA said "it's between a patient and a doctor."

The one GA prevents access to its citizens.

And now he's dead.

Obama uses man's funeral to venerate himself, talk about voting by mail and try to score potshots at a POTUS.

Real class act, isn't he.

Why the Lewis family let the fraud deliver the eulogy, we will never know.

Chicago Democrat, thug and community organizer, to the bitter end.


Interesting to watch Obama today. He made the type of public political error that he never made before 2016. He is a prematurely aging, bitter, crumbling husk of his former self.

This appalling politicized funeral 'speech' was a mistake for the Dems. Obama used to have a shrewd awareness of how far he could go with his hatred, and how to present it.

I used to get off work from my retail job and take the long way home so I could listen to Herman Cain on Atlanta radio WSB. What a wonderful man he was. My favorite thing he used to end his speeches with: "as my Granddaddy used to say: them that's going, get on the wagon... them that ain't...GET. OUT. OF. MY. Way!" I would always say it with him, loudly, as I traveled alone in my car. RIP Mr. Cain. You will be missed.

Rising serpent 🇺🇸 (@rising_serpent) Tweeted:

Two black Politicians dead, one Democrat and one Republican.
Based upon the media coverage, only one of those black lives mattered.

Patrick Howley (@HowleyReporter)

CONFIRMED: Texas Attorney General @KenPaxtonTX has opened an investigation into the Voter Fraud evidence here that involves Sheila Jackson Lee

"While performing righteous vigilante work, they shall be dubbed, “Heaven’s Angels.” 😇 "

Philadelphia woman who allegedly ran over police officer is charged with attempted murder

If you see this recalcitrant bitch in Twatter, consider this:

With "supporters" like hers nobody needs enemies.

Cretin is desperately trying to draw attention to COsweda.


They weren't paying attention to POTUS Trump when he was reading "The Snake."

They think that since they created the serpent it won't bite them.

How wrong they are.

Former Democrats for Trump


Democrat governor.
Democrat Secretary of State.
Democrat State Auditor.
Democrat Sr US Senator
Democrat Jr US Senator
Democrat Reps 5 / Republicans 3
Democrat Mayor.
Democrat AG.
Democrat Police Chief.
2016 General Elections - Voted Democrat.


Saw something earlier about concerns for gas lines and possible explosives at the police station they burned.

Doubt they care if people are killed in their fires/explosions. Actually saw comments on twitter that destruction is only collateral damage.

And while jack is busy censoring our President, there are far too many accounts out there co-ordinating more attacks/destruction with advice on how not to be identified. Tweets with thousands of likes & retweets.

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