Sir, with you being so knowledgeable regarding Afghanistan, you truly understand what Biden and this administration have done. It's really disturbingly shocking. The media can't even completely cover for them. Thank you for your ongoing efforts. 🇺🇲❤️


Sir - do you have any recommendations for what common citizens could or should do to help support meaningful evacuation efforts of American citizens and those Afghans who assisted US military (translators)? What's the best way for us to do something that makes a difference.

Also our own @EliMGold here on QV has been a leader in helping get some folks out - if you endorse his efforts as one of the best ways we can help, maybe that in turn could magnify these works.


Well that painted a clear picture from many angles with stark contrasts.

@GenFlynn @WhirledPeas

This is exactly why President Trump brought in those he did to clean up the Pentagon and the NSC.

This is older and far larger than Biden himself. That being said @GenFlynn your point is spot on.


It’s all about their priorities and now they’ve had to admit that all the lies they told about the threats resulting from 1/6/21 we just that, LIES!

I couldn't agree more Gen Flynn, I am way beyond disgusted, even beyond mortified... it is unimaginable to me that a full withdrawal is in the best interest of anyone except the enemies/terrorists of our allies and ourselves... that the President under his own orders would have put state of the art weaponry into the hands of known terrorists to be used against whom ever they so choose to include US citizens and Afghanis... I pray these terrorists die by the enemy within their ranks...

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