We the people are not done. We have many miles to go and hills to climb but we are winning. Stay tuned and keep your spirits high! Thank you QV for inspiring me to stay engaged.

Thank YOU @GenFlynn.
You inspire US 🇺🇸
We’re just getting warmed up.

@GenFlynn Thank you sir for your Service you give. we will NEVER give up.


Thank you, General Flynn! Your words are greatly appreciated.

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@Debradelai @GenFlynn I knew it had to be something I did. Been operating in a brain fog all week. Thank you Saul.


Loud and clear!

QV is where the sincere nerds of the silent majority chatter.

@GenFlynn thank you for ur strength. Please know that we are praying for success in righting what is happening in our country. We are trying to stand up to give each other hope for what we should be.

you have made our day. Thank you for the inspiration General

@GenFlynn You're a great leader and we will follow - onward! Thank YOU, Sir!


Just followed you on Gettr! 😊

We will not bend.

We will not break.

We will never give in.

We will never give up.

We will NEVER surrender!

"The BEST is yet to come!" 🇺🇸


Thank you so much, General Flynn!

Your strength, leadership, great integrity and service to our country makes our nation proud, and inspires us to fight like a Flynn!

God bless you, Sir!

The best is yet to come!

Thank you Sir. You’re inspiring . God Bless you always.❤️🇺🇸❤️


Thank you for your words of inspiration.
Take care sir.


Thank you, General, for your service and sacrifices!


Your fight against injustice and corruption at the highest levels of our government are nothing short of inspiring. And humbling. We are with you, sir. And we will continue to fight for the America our Founders envisioned. Thank you, General, for your service and for the inspiration you’ve given all of us.



When the Mongrels are nipping at your heels sir, remember, they are playing catch up & you have the power to crush their heads under your heels!

I stand with Gen Flynn!


Thank you General Flynn for words of encouragement! 🇺🇸


Never surrender! 🇺🇸 God bless you, General Flynn!!! ✌

@GenFlynn Hearing your positive voice keeps us motivated. Thank you sir!

@GenFlynn Thank you for all you do and have done, Sir. Please know you and all US Patriots have prayers and support from across the pond. Best wishes to you all, America wins, we all win!


Thank you sir-am enjoying your interviews with Darrin B. as well.


Thank you. May the Lord light your path.

Every day, closer to winning.

@GenFlynn Is this really you? What social platforms can we find you on, besides QV? Any, or are they fake?

@GenFlynn Nice to see you Sir..Ty for the encouragement and positivity.☺️ 🇺🇸


Thank YOU for all that you did and keep doing.

We know what these asshats put you through, and stand by your side.

You inspire us, in the same way that you say QV inspires you.

@GenFlynn thank you for standing your ground standing for truth.

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