Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mothers in the Flynn Family! 💕 🇺🇸 🌹

We love and stand with @GenFlynn and the ! ❤️ 🇺🇸

Good Morning Sir..Sending Happy Mothers Day wishes to all the wonderful moms in your family!
Love you and your amazing family..we stand with you 100% ❤️ 🇺🇸

wow, ty Sir..No wonder they are all scared..This is going to be HUGE!


Good morning, General! Hope you have a Super Sunday!

We are looking forward to your vindication and all of these Obama era criminals being indicted!

God Bless you and your family.
🇺🇸 ❤️ 🇺🇸


Very interesting that this article omits the Comey memos leaked to the NYT.

The FBI had “written proof …. that Steele had a political motive”, but went ahead and used the dossier to procure the warrants anyway. That’s what I’d call a premeditated felony.(from the article.)

JC also publicly stated POTUS will be indicted after Presidency, Russia has something incriminating on our POTUS and DJT had criminal intent to commit obstruction of justice.

Goodbye, Mr. Comey. Enjoy Gitmo

@Angela @GenFlynn

As Mike Huckabee qupped a few days ago, they will rename it to;

Comey Island.

@Debradelai @GenFlynn just a swell fella.

He'll look great in stripes... Or blue, or green, or tan, or even classic orange. 😁

@Debradelai @GenFlynn How many times will Charlie Brown expect to kick the football only to have it pulled away by Lucy? The crooks walk and the patriots are punished. That is the United States of America.

@GenFlynn what say I? where can I grab a sack of tossing tomatoes??? 👍

Thank you for your extraordinary service good Sir. 🇺🇲 We've been behind you day one. Had breif opportunity to meet you in Warren, MI halloween 2016 ✌️ maybe again one day.


Let us hope that the truth comes out, and is acted upon.

@GenFlynn I, for one, cannot wait for your complete exoneration. I believe you took a bullet for the entire nation and I will forever be grateful. Thank you, Sir!

@GenFlynn My apologies, I meant vindication, not exoneration. Big difference.

@GenFlynn I say Law and Order. Justice is coming! ⭐️⭐️⭐️


I say, I wish it were you who would be cuffing him for his perp walk!!

Well.... Hillary did make two prophecies... both of which appear to be self fulfilling. "Anyone who does not accept the results of the election...." & their democracy is imploding, and "If that effing bastard is elected.... " and it seems they are furiously hoisting themselves on their own petard. Too bad I shouldn't have popcorn... I'm all set up for the queen size refill bag.


"Both Attorney General William Barr and IG Horowitz appear to be fully committed to revealing the criminal leaks, the illegal electronic surveillance, the improperly obtained FISA warrants, and the multiple confidential human sources (spies) that were placed in the Trump campaign. They are going to face withering criticism for their efforts, but they are resolutely moving forward all the same. "


I'd say that fits nice and neatly in one bag. Time to move forward.

I say “Yes, SIR!”

I also humbly say thank you and God Bless you and your wonderful family.

I believe that the # of folks that have your back far exceeds the of folks we currently have in our military PLUS you have them on your side too!

Many people that seek out the truth and confer with one another about said truths rest easy in the knowledge that you will be fully exonerated/vindicated.

Posterity holds for you a place as one of our nation’s all-time greatest Heroes.

@GenFlynn Brennan etal were corruptible. Appointed because they were. Essay @ zero hedge only takes in a fraction of what the WH was guilty of. My concern rests with OIG. The question is will they do their job absolutely - not piece meal. We only learn now of the omissions by Star on HRC - pity the full details did not come out to allow proper judgement.

@GenFlynn and she even arranged to take the furniture - in debt from lawyers fees but a legal trust ensured sufficient capital - then the Haiti monies into Trust coffers to allow rampant abuse of the trust given. Then again the Haiti monies was authorized by Obama. Starts at the top. Stays at the top.

I say we are getting closer to that. 👍 🙏
Thank you for your service to the country.


Sir, I do not say much on this site because I know I have much to learn. So I read and think about what everyone has to say...all smart people! But I did just forward this article to someone who will then forward it to most of the cops and firemen on the south side of Chicago! You are a hero to them and to me! God bless you for your sacrifice!


I love the picture, sir.

And thank you, very much!!!

I salute you from Texas!

@GenFlynn Outstanding piece! Brennan WAS the ringmaster and the FBI got played by his desires! Comey and company let their emotions take over their logic! Plus they never thought she would never loose! The Barr tab is coming due.....SOON! 🤔

@GenFlynn says me oh there better be senate hearings advertised days in advance with Trump sitting in the front row eating popcorn! I still know people who have never heard of strozk, everybody needs to know everything


ooo flippin' rah!!!! he has always smelled like the source of this ugly mess to me.


I would like to see Brennan/someone cut a deal to give up DEAR LEADER in order to avoid a firing squad.

DEAR LEADER is executed for sedition or treason depending on if they find out he was working for the Mullahs or Russia.

All the bad actors of the seditious conspiracy including Soros et al...should be executed for sedition/treason to ensure future generations understand the gravity of this malevolent attack on our nation and that this MUST NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!

I want to see Brennan, more than anyone else get hauled off to prison.

Jarrett, Yates (Big time!) all the women around Obama/Clinton seemed the most evil to me after Brennan.


Good article, even if it posits that Comey may have been an “unwitting” scapegoat played by Brennan. He may have been played with info supporting his biased and criminal tendencies only IMO

Good solid conclusion though General.

“Bottom line: The agents and officials who conducted this seditious attack on the presidency never thought they’d be held accountable for their crimes. But they were wrong, and now their day of reckoning is fast approaching.”

@GenFlynn I followed your link and read this article. It all makes very good sense to me. Brennan's seething hate for Trump is openly palpable even on TV. Good read. Thank you for the link. @ThomasWic

@GenFlynn I know this is true. When you really love your country, it's values, it's rule of law, the truth doesn't put you in a panic. It puts you on your knees to pray. Come home soon. Your courage is what helps the rest of us stay the course.

@GenFlynn thank you for following me back in the day. Donated and Prayed for all of your family.

General Flynn - Thank you so much for your service and your inspiration. God bless.


I don't understand our Nation got to a point where someone who voted Communist came to run the CIA.

@GenFlynn I say, its morning in America and I can hardly wait until this all plays out!! 😎


I don't know how credible is Zero Hedge, but this article is compelling reading...

@GenFlynn I'd say it's high time for the people who are responsible and participated in SpyGate need to be held accountable.

PS - I hope you sue for what they did to you and your family.

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