I'm in the Manchester, NH airport waiting for a flight on American Airlines. The gate agent just walked up to three young men with USMC gear (not in uniform but obviously military) and offered them all First Class seats. Brought a big smile to my face.

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Given Darroch has apparently just resigned, this would be a really GREAT time to push Quod Verum (esp on twitter) using my new article!

Just sayin'!!


Many thanks @drawandstrike @ThomasWic @Debradelai @Alex_Graham @STUinSD @GodlessNZ and all QV friends.

It seems odd to me that the head of a major state agency would resign prior to an investigation that showed negligence, unless she knew she was in trouble. My suspicion is that she was running her own little “sanctuary city” type operation. If this turns out to be true then she should be charged as an accessory to the homicides.


On May 11, Zhukovskyy received violations for alleged OUI and refusing a chemical test in East Windsor, CT. The CT Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) sent a notification to the Massachusetts RMV about the violation. The MA RMV was supposed to perform a review which would have resulted in the suspension of his CDL, possibly saving the lives of the 7 motorcyclists, but no such review was done. The head of the MA RMV, Erin Devaney, has resigned over the case, only 4 days after the accident.

Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, a Ukrainian immigrant who was driving a pickup truck, towing a trailer that hit the motorcyclists, was charged with 7 counts of negligent homicide. In reading some of the initial reports I found it curious that, with numerous driving infractions, he still had his commercial driver’s license (CDL). The infractions included two in Baytown, Texas, the most recent one on June 3, and one in East Windsor, Connecticut on May 11.


All of the information presented here, other than my opinions, comes from the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper.
I’ve been following the motorcycle tragedy in Randolph, NH where 7 motorcyclists were killed on Friday, June 21. All 7 were members, or friends of members, of the Jarheads Motorcycle Group. I live in New Hampshire, own a motorcycle, and have ridden in groups like the one that was wiped out on Friday.

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If ever you find yourself in or around Concord, NH, it's well worth the trip a few miles up the road to visit the Veterans Cemetery. The Memorial Path alone is worth the trip. Thank you to everyone who has served, who is serving, and to their families.

I attended the Memorial Day Ceremony at the New Hampshire Veteran's Cemetery in Boscawen, NH this morning. It was a beautiful tribute to the men and women who died in service to our country and to their families. It was well attended by Veterans, current Service members, families, and non-Service folks like me who were there to pay our respects. Afterwards, I walked around the cemetery thinking about those who gave their all for us.

Oh Wow! I'm sitting here following three simultaneous threads by @ThomasWic (Israeli weapons), @REX (OCH) and @Debradelai (troublesome 707 flight). It's better than sitting in a sports bar on the 1st Thursday of the NCAA basketball tournament watching three top 10 teams in action at the same time.

To follow-up on my earlier post:

From the Manchester Union-Leader, Sunday, April 14, 2019:

The principal of Epping High School has apologized after telling a freshman to cover up her “Make America Great Again” Trump T-shirt last week during the school’s America Day.

In a letter addressed to the school community on Friday, Brian Ernest admitted his mistake when Ciretta MacKenzie was told to cover her shirt.

Ernest said he met with Ciretta’s family and offered his apologies.

Live Free or Die!

Epping, NH High School student told to cover MAGA T-shirt on day encouraging patriotism


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9. Mystery ain't it?

All these cray-cray Democrats.

But I just can't work out why.

The end.

@ThomasWic I just watched "Who are the better soldiers?" for the first time. You, sir, are amazing.


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They have made things WORSE.

And for that alone, they deserve punishment.

Let's hope they get it.

The end.

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WWII Veteran with no family to be buried in Lawrence, MA tomorrow (Feb 14). Veterans' service director is asking for volunteers to attend the funeral.


Tweet from Victor Davis Hanson on racism.

What fuels the return of American bias is the new idea that citizens can disparage or discriminate against other groups if they claim victim status and do so for purportedly noble purposes. My thoughts on evolving prejudices: (link: bit.ly/2E6VmeK) bit.ly/2E6VmeK


@Debradelai, quite the week for me. I received my signed copy of "Gander", got my account on social.quodverum.com, and learned that @ThomasWic, @REX, and @drawandstrike are all here.

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