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10. And how about this.

Between 2008-2016, Bloomberg's wealth EXPLODED.

The guy went from 142nd to 17th on the Forbes List between 2008-2010.

Unheard of. Bloomberg was leapfrogging families whose taken DECADES to build their wealth, such as the Walmart dynasty.

In 2008 his worth was $11.5 billion. By 2016? $43 BILLION.

Obama? 2008-2016.

What a strange coincidence.

Unless there's no coincidence.

You know what I think. Lets see what happens.


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Enthéos @EntheosShines
17 Nov 2019
Replying to @EntheosShines

Corrupt NY Attorney General Who Has Been Helping Left-Wing "Resistance" Members Get Away With Crimes In NY Caught On Video Bragging About Illegally Using Law Warfare Against @realDonaldTrump To Interfere With 2020 Elections @DonaldJTrumpJr


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Scene of Iraqi protesters "welcoming" -backed security forces with stones.

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Thread by Brian Cates


Brian Cates

Dear @Washingtonpost

Maybe you don't remember the videos and pictures depicting the absolute total barbarism of the ISIS terrorist group, the beheadings, the burning alive, the mass executions, but most of America does.

This guy was RESPONSIBLE for all of that.

Shame on you.

8:35 AM · Oct 27, 2019

When I saw this I thought somebody was making a joke, but it's real, I checked.

Washington Post - "austere religious scholar at Helm of Islamic State dies at 48"

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2020 Presidential elections will certainly be about Medicare for All.
Here in Spain, we have this healthcare system. This is a neurologist appointment scheduled on November 2020!!!
Prayers for the patient!

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Carlos Osweda @COsweda


Trump set up Erdogan. After our troops left, the Turks unwittingly led us to Baghdadi.

He was made into a corpse and carried away, and then we used a MOAB on the Turkish MIT agents meeting with him.

And tonight, Erdogan realizes that Trump effortlessly outsmarted him.


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"For these reasons and those in our original Motion and Brief in Support, this Court should compel the government to produce the evidence the defense requests in its full, unredacted form. Given the clear and convincing evidence herein, this Court should issue an order to show cause why the prosecutors should not be held in contempt; and should dismiss the entire prosecution for outrageous government misconduct."


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ISIS gave the world chaos, misery & death...that Nations like Russia, Iran & Turkey LOVE to take advantage of.
Under Obama WE were headed down that path.
USING ISIS for political ends.
Another reason Trump is going to EVISCERATE Obama's Legacy & expose the damage done.

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Aparently, US troops that were no longer in Syria, raided the spider hole of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi who probably wasn't in Syria either.

So much for the fricking wailers who expected an ISIS resurgence following the non-withdrawal withrawal of US forces in Syria.

Apparently, the vermin died hoisted by his own petard, er, explosive vest.

Pity. I was looking forward to hosting him in Guantanamo for years to come.

Anyway, cheers!

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I just realized what happened.

Trump knew that Turkey is supporting the Islamic State, so one of the many reasons he pulled our troops out of Syria and buttered up Erdogan was to get the Turks to lead us to Baghdadi.

This is Turkish MIT agents going up in smoke after we collected Baghdadi's corpse.

And like Pakistan, the Turks can't ever admit it happened.

Trump hoodwinked the Turks. No doubt about it.

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