"I didn't want to post this but she forced my hand."

- Fridge Intern posted this morning on twit... 😂

Twitter incels promote Tulsi because they have a hot mommy fetish. Her policies are secondary.

Marianne Williamson: "There is a psychomagnatheric plague of biblical proportions. If the door swings both ways, we may be able to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow if we cross the streams. However there is always the risk of total protonic reversal."

Remember the old SNL skit with William Shatner at a Star Trek convention and the nerds were asking him minutiae about episodes and he didn't know the answers? That's what the Mueller hearing reminded me of but without the punch-line of "Get a life!"

This is according to Michael Wolff who wrote that trash book, but if half of this is true it's pretty awesome.

Who wants to bet some pissant San Fransisco judge will have the temerity to say the President has no authority to order the Executive Branch departments to share info?

@hnijohnmiller Amy McGrath's campaign slogan: Half the Beto, twice the testosterone!


At the TDS Foundation we help with libtard re-adaption. With a support network of 1000's of psychiatrists across the nation, we save them one mind at a time. Please donate.

It will be their loss if the US women's soccer team doesn't come to the WH because Boss was going to get KFC Cheetos chicken sandwiches.

Twitter and Facebook aren't real life, but they do reflect the people that post there. Never Trumpers are angry and sad and joyless. I never see anything positive posted from them and it's not healthy. Conservatives, even when Obama was in office, knew how have fun.

TDS is a debilitating disease that unfortunately has no cure. I know a guy who just had his bladder removed to save his life from cancer. How does he use this new lease on life? Trying to flex on Trump supporters that the women's soccer team won.


It's now clear that this isn't just a one off meeting. They're in a full blown summit, by the looks of it.

The entire American leadership is there, Pompeo, Kushner and others.

I think there's something MUCH BIGGER going on than we have been led to believe. We could be on the verge of a massive breakthrough.


Dudes, some people watch the news with excitement over war. I'm excited over the possibility of peace.

@Elaines2cents @FridgeIntern

Yay!!!!!! Fridge Intern!! I hope you brought the diet cokes over from the Blue Twit

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