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Top Movies recommended Thomas Wictor. This was from Twitter.

Favorite movie of all time:

Bad Day at Black Rock
(My note: watch it!!)

Close 2nd:

A Very Long Engagement.

He's a soldier killed in WWI. She doesn't believe he's dead because she's sure she would've felt it.

So she spends three years trying to find out what happened to him.

The rest of the movies are in no particular order:

Crossfire (1947)
I'm A Cyborg But That's Okay

The rest of the list::

Dershowitz destroys the 14th amendment canard, takes a shit on Tribe and confirms what inve been saying about natural born citizens.

A good day.

Having watched Beard Blather for some time, I decided to research Putin's history and who/what he is. This playlist is from a channel that I've been following and I find the in-depth info to be very insightful. Here's the Putin playlist from HG Tudor.

Going to go get some sleep and I will let you know what they find out. Please say a prayer for Terri. Like Bailey Quarter's said in the prayer before the WKRP softball game " us.". Short and to the point!❤️🤗🙏❤️


Here's some extra info for folks regarding how the Oil & Gas Industry operates..

How the Oil and Gas Industry Works

While this is mostly for educating investors, it paints a good picture as to all parts of the operation and industries involved in pulling the gas out of the ground and into your car's gas tank.

Fun facts -

As of Jan 2020, the avg net profit margin for the oil and gas drilling industry was 6.8% yielding ~$3.3T revenue annually.

@RonOgletree—So…do you see any of the people who put their blood, sweat, and tears into a family business “just rolling over?”

—Just so they can work at a Big Box Store for a fraction of what they earned as employers??

I don’t see that.

I’ve learned one thing about the deceptive press corps: they aren’t willing to show their viewers what’s REALLY happening. It’s why they won’t air highlights from any of Trump’s rallies. Or talk to anyone other than Democrats.

@Dawnz @YoungBlood


Very true.

A person's diet is their own damn problem.

When I decided I needed to get a handle on my cholesterol, I took steps that I could take for myself.

I didn't walk into the kitchen of a restaurant or behind the bar and harass the owner of the place, asking him a million questions.

I made my own choices, and if I want to cheat, then I cheat.

You do you.

@Argentum47 @Debradelai @umad80 @watch4thedrop @cimarron @jeanseixasm

I just skip grains all together. No bread, no cake, no oats/cereal etc... therefore: gluten free!

@umad80 @Argentum47 @Debradelai @watch4thedrop @cimarron @jeanseixasm

Thanks.. I get all the nutrients I need in eating various meats and animal kingdom foods. Have researched it heavily..

If grains are so healthy and a dietary staple, why is there so much autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes?

And of course there's obesity, which strains all the organs.

When I stopped eating all grains, I easily lost 30 lbs. and got down to my ideal weight. I made other changes to my eating habits too, but I think grains (and beans) were the main culprits.

When it comes to food, diet, and supplements, I have my BS-detector in high gear. Big $ is at stake.

The only thing I can know for sure is how I feel after I eat soething and how healthy I am.

"Top 10 Reasons Why Grains Make You Sick"


by his Dad and grandfather, that at least in our geographical area, our Maker had created things so that every poison plant has its antidote in another substance within 30-50 yards of it. And that folks that try to figure that out without training, usually die. But he said, just reflect on that perfection of sacred balance.

No idea if Jack was correct, but he believed it and he people in that community considered him a leader, a scholar,

@watch4thedrop @cimarron @umad80 @Debradelai


Just like when he asked “Where’s Hunter?” He definitely knows..

@TearGasBreakfast I really live following your feed . You agrigate the news and make it so easy for a Shmendrick like me to keep up and be informed. So awesome

@FreedomLover108 @DuaneCates @Debradelai @Zemeliko @TheCape1961 @KirkWhisenant @karnage @Edbdesignssb @NSP @Klang @WatchfulCat @OliviaBristol @ThomasWic

Being here has helped me improve my writing skills and made me more comfortable to share my opinions.

Saul and Thomas are comfortable with who they are and don’t look or act like stereotypical conservative pundits. You never know what they’ll talk about next!

@ThomasWic Hi. For me there was nowhere safe, inside or outside of myself. I just found a safe place in my heart & mind, like 5 days ago....No Shit....I'm now clear to feel, heal and move forward in compassion. That only took almost 55 fricken years! Shit Damn and Yeaaaa Haaaaaaaa that we still have Jedi Master Thomas to hear. We are all brilliantly different. Peace and Respect Sir!

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