Too early yet to tell. Seems like a Hurricane Charlie but bigger.

The down side of wishing it away from you, is wishing it on someone else.
I myself prefer it go straight up into us. Not nearly as populated up here and we're better equipped for hard luck.
My concern is how much rain gets dumped on the Okefenokee. We're surrounded by rivers.
Spent yesterday helping some friends get their cattle out of the River bottoms.
God speed to anyone in the path.

@seanmdav: "I found a single AirBnB mansion available now that could house every single one of those illegals.

Why are Martha Vineyard’s elites—the ones who made their enclave a sanctuary city—refusing to open their homes to the people who utilized the open borders demanded by Democrats?"

@ChristinaPushaw 🐊 🇺🇸 : "Wow! This Martha’s Vineyard Democrat doesn’t seem very welcoming or progressive.

'We don’t have housing for 50 immigrants.'

Uh, don’t the Obamas have a 10 bedroom mansion there? That will fit half of them. [video]"



"BREAKING: California's grid operator says "excessive heat starting tomorrow will stress energy grid" and it may have to "issue a series of emergency notifications." It also "expects to call on Californians for voluntary conservation via Flex alerts over the long weekend."

Hollywood is losing their shit.

Not over Trump. Or Deathsantis.

Over money.

NBC is considering dropping an hour from primetime programming, giving it back to affiliates.

That is 7 hours of scripted content, 52 weeks a year, that will no longer need to be made.

Millions of dollars, 100s of actors, 100s of below the line production folks... No longer needed.

Combined with the belt tightening at Netflix and Warner Discovery and... People are NOT happy.

Heh. Good.


By the way, President Trump and his family were in my Gallery of Beloveds too this morning.😁 ❤️ 🇺🇸

And there, I got an organic split second depiction of him telling Melania: "Honey, hold my Diet Coke". 😂

The thing to keep in mind about all this is that Trump will use this FBI Raid to his advantage. Have no doubt about that.

The FBI/DOJ has just given Trump a big talking point on a golden platter for his 2024 campaign. We’ll be hearing about this — directly from Trump — for a long time.

@StevenDouglas @DeWalt @YoungBlood. I would say this makes him a martyr while he is still alive. I believe people on both sides of the aisle will see this as overstepping the bounds because nobody wants this happening to them. My motto now is Anger. Don't let it chew away at you, but keep a pocket in your belly and call on it as the Democrats will continue to overstep their bounds. They are drunk on power because nothing has happened to them...yet. They will learn.

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