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Meanwhile the US ambassador and his team ran away like frightened little girls, leaving behind US troops and citizens in harm's way.

Biden is nowhere to be seen. Neither is anyone else from this useless administration.

I have never seen the like. It is shocking what they have done to America, in just 7 months.

Appalling, in every way.

I think we are finally at the point that the phrase “fact checker” is met with resounding laughter.

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@StevenDouglas Here's another, also long, interview from 3 weeks ago. Will hopefully start to watch/listen to it tomorrow when I get the chance.

Trump often mentioned the 300 plus judges he and McConnell appointed during his term when listing his achievements. It’s easy to see now why this was so important. It’s largely the law that is keeping Biden from really implementing his plan.

What if when the Biden “Strike Force” comes to our door and asks if we’ve been vaccinated, we lie and say yes? Let’s make their information gathering useless.

You know how there’s always an out of party state of the Union speech? Last year it was Whitmer. What if Trump gives it this year? Packed arena in Florida. That would blow minds AND probably get better ratings.

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@Frankie I said ON ELECTION NIGHT, if this ship is not turned back we will never see a fair election in the USA again. Dems don't care. RINOs don't care. They are all in it together. And have been for a very very long time. Trump saw the evil and they had to eliminate him. I'm just thankful an assassination didn't take place.

Not sure what the future of America is, but I know where I'm going when I leave this place. And that's enough for me.

My question going forward: unless there is some operation taking place to correct this stolen election, what is the point in any of this going forward? Obviously the people rigging the elections are the only ones with the power to correct it, which they won’t. We would basically be one of those countries we used to laugh about when the “elected President” would get 99 percent of the vote. Civil war will not happen, because too many Americans are comfortable for now.

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Why would Trump be the first president to NOT attend his successor's inauguration?

Why would Trump be the first outgoing president to leave in Air Force One?

Why would the Pentagon not give him a sendoff, and why would Pence and the cabinet secretaries INCLUDING POMPEO not see Trump off?

Why would Trump tell us in every "statement of defeat" that our incredible adventure is just beginning, and the best is yet to come?

Has Trump ever overpromised or lied to us?

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So much fraud was allowed to happen in this election.....If they did it once, they will do it again for sure..I dont see any way to stop it.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.