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A thread on Pence at The Bad Place, from a religious perspective. Sums up my thoughts very well. He would make an excellent missionary. He is a pious and decent man. But he's not a fighter. twitter.com/SteveDeaceShow/sta

Well, it's been a while since I stopped in here. We still sticking with the Trump secret Presidency thing or no?


What happened? It was working. Subsequent generations, gaining more and more emotional distance from the bad old days, weren't buying into the divisive race narratives people were peddling. So then came the hyper focus on a police violence. The moving of goalposts on what is offensive speech. They just can't stand to see us coming together.

3000 illegal migrants to Dallas. If Trump could stop this... seems like now might be the time.

Imagine being this guy. Just, every day, living in this man's skull (I know, it's Twitter, but still). twitter.com/ajzeigler/status/1

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Albert Hall was NOT a plant.

Real guy, and Groucho had no idea what was coming.

Hall died in Santa Monica in 1964.


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"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"
--Isaiah 5:20

I have to admit, though I'm 90% positive, I still just don't get it. Trump knew this was coming. Or he had some inkling. Because he just kept warning about it. I know I won't know the real story until some time after I step over into glory, but I really do wonder how the swamp pulled the steal off under such circumstances.

But yeah, I'm flat out saying it now: Biden is our President until Harris and Dems pull whatever their preplanned move is, presumably 25th amendment-based ejection.

Yeah, so. No despair, no negative talk. God is not done with America. But that speech was it for me. Trump's running in 2024, and gave us our marching orders till then. Not my preferred outcome, by far, but good enough. I still don't understand how they stole this thing when he knew it was coming, but whatever. Lets get to work.

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In 2006 I bought a laptop for an Afghan blogger so that he could take online courses and get a university degree.

He was an 18-year-old interpreter for the US Army and was able to find a laptop after getting the money at a Western Union office on the American base.

We lost contact as his life got very hectic. The Taliban was after him.

He just sent me an e-mail. He's in the US now, he's an American citizen, and he's flourishing.

Isn't that great?





"Your stretch goal should be to ban discrimination based on college degree status. Professions may continue to accept professional school degrees" ... "but the thing where you have to get into a good college, give them $100,000, flatter your professors a bit, and end up with a History degree before you can be a firefighter or whatever is illegal. "

1." War On College: As it currently exists, college is a scheme for laundering and perpetuating class advantage. You need to make the case that bogus degree requirements (eg someone without a college degree can't be a sales manager at X big company, but somebody with any degree, even Art History or Literature, can) are blatantly classist. "

Alright, there is admittedly a lot of stupid crap in here, but the analysis of the class warfare ideas Trump was bringing in and how to capitalize on that is.. pretty interesting.

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