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It's the CHINA VIRUS! The Kung Flu. It came from CHINA thanks to the CCP! Anything else is PC crap and RETARDED.

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They already have a living martyr on their hands with Trump. Now they're looking to make him more powerful than he already is, IN OR OUT OF OFFICE.

These idiots can't see that Kingmaker Trump NO LONGER NEEDS TO HOLD THE OFFICE HIMSELF?

Their first clue should have been his coattails: the number of governors and legislators he helped elect.

And does he need to be President to hold rallies, and would he still draw the same numbers?

No. The Man With The Plan would draw even more.

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Soybean price is down 70 cents per bushel in the last two days.

Corn is down 50 cents per bushel in two days.

For those who don’t know, a small farmer like me working 1,000 acres just lost $100,000 on a 200bushel per acre average corn crop thanks to Biden’s executive orders.

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"If I see one more beta male, driving a prius, wearing a mask, I swear to you, I'm gonna lose it..." Adam Hardage, former military intelligence officer 🤣

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@StevenDouglas @ThomasWic
Well, it’s hard to know the news given the pitiful media we have, but I gather a lot of European countries have had resignations. Almost makes you think they’ve been cleaning house like I hope we can do here. China & Russia are about the only suspects left.....a colleague of mine literally saw CCP soldiers training near WA. Curious, eh?

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@HappyHermit @charlotte1958
In fact, if I were a betting man... I'd bet the "big thing" happened today. A fraudulent Manchurian candidate took office with a blatantly obvious Communist side-kick. The Big-Thing is being overshadowed by "Hope" for an earth-shattering, non-existent, saving event. The Big-Thing is that your Rights as established in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are in jeopardy.

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Some thoughts on President Donald J. Trump

Trump kicked the Hillary can down the road four years.

He ripped back the curtain on government that is pervasively corrupt at every conceivable level.

He exposed the international money laundering system that undergirds American politics.

He exposed our politically weaponized kangaroo Justice System

He exposed an election process that is totally rigged to ensure that the very worst of the worst people get installed without the

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Face book censored me from posting ANYTHING for 30 days. A friend gave me this info:
Go to Settings, and use whatever method you have on your device or pc to get to "BLOCKED USERS".
Type "FACT CHECK" into the searchbar there.
An extensive list of Fuct Checkers will populate there.
These are the fools that are monitoring your posts.
Spread this info please.

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Okay, time to lay down the law.

All of you people still polluting platforms with Q have to stop it right this second.

We're not going to get deplatformed because of you.

Tonight I have my Friday phone conference with @Debradelai, and I've bookmarked all your pages.

He's going to get rid of you unless you take down your conspiracy madness RIGHT NOW.

We're not going to get deplatformed because of you.

Me too!!!! Just thinking about it makes teary-eyed.

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