@TearGasBreakfast What does it say about a political party that would nominate such a man in obvious decline? Or an opposition party that sits on their hands to let him “win”? Who could believe that they have the best interests of the US at heart?

Truth be told, the ruling class is perfectly happy with what the government has become - a huge money laundering operation that benefits the well-connected at the expense of the deplorables


@Donp @TearGasBreakfast
Understanding there is a "ruling class" that goes both party ways to accomplish their goals of fleecing America's treasury is the starting point to waking up politically. Finding true arrows to fight that fight is tough. It is why all elections are so so important, whether it is your local magistrate,school board or US Senator each must not be of these grifting thieves. Go vote America, show up in numbers never seen before in person. It is time to kick this system's ass.

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