Al Gore says we are in great danger, from a failed President, endangering US, not empathizing, unfathomable bad decisions.
The gold standard of the coming weeks is a University of Washington study ???
Magically stuff happening.
A botched reopening.....
(before we reopen, Al??)

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Brit Hume @brithume

I wonder if this disaster will make him less of a media darling.

Brit Hume tweeted this story about the nursing home disaster:

The replies to Brit's tweet

are heartening.

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On top of all this disgusting mental insanity, the ruling elites have a design to end or hobble next year sports & limit or negate public attendance.
This is a flu virus.
If it is more, the ruling barons best tell US this why. No tease, just facts.
Otherwise, go back to work, get seated for a prime steak or your favorite food & gather at a concert.
You will eventually die, you have no control in the matter unless you are an idiot. Be brave.
Time to be America & be safe;
all at once.

Sad truth...if you become infected, you are on your own. Strangers will attend your demise while love ones stay home.
This is mass insanity.
This is not caring about the regular people.
We attend our love ones.
Do not test US.

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By May 1st well be coming out of this self-imposed nightmare.

While imbeciles argue whether the President has the authority to end this exercise in paranoid hysteria or not, the mobs are going to trample them to death on their way to the mall.

Get ready for the biggest jump of everything in May-June, from employment, to consumption to making whopie.

Economic activity will shoot up like the uncorking of a shaken bottle of champagne.

Not a moment too soon.

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Zuckerberg is a jackass.
Clean & real...the guy is a all out globalist.
His idea is 2021 reemergence of America.
Yeah, Mark. Yeah...
Do you possess as much money as this A-hole to hold out to 2021??
No reality among the elites...none.

Take a guess what interview that was.
Biden is a no go presidential.
So...what do they have in mind?
Some VP to step in as he fades in 2yrs?
This is sick stuff Demokrats have embarked upon.
The guy is not all there.
Plugs man bad.

"Flat payment....give payments to those business....making sure we have a cabinet...a universal health care...a new need.. an attack on 9/11... whole generation further behind an 8 ball.. deal w/ deal...sufficiently change..treated better..changes in the band aid had been ripped off..fundamentally change climate change...provide so many ...
Thank you Cooper.

"We are not going to be suckers anymore..."
Can't love this man any better.
The US has been dragged down a path of intrigue & bullcrap.
Our Demkrats are up to their necks.
Remember Hillary,
"..we will all be hanging from nooses."
Trump has this.
Demkrats are crap.

Rachel Maddow is one twisted individual.
She even looks at US crooked.

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Thread by Pug Apu on US declaring war on the cartels. The criminal enterprise that has the backing of state actors (China and Venezuela).

The military had been preparing for this.

People just don't get the criminal enterprises have foreign state backing.

@drawandstrike @DuaneCates @Steeltruth

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@Cdubois @NevadaJack @Wizski

The Democratic party is decimated.

For 20 years, they discouraged new talent, to protect Pelosi, Reid and Schumer and especially Hillary. That backfired spectacularly.

All of their old guard are destroyed and broken.

Then they foolishly allowed far too many candidates to run this year, and they all ran as radical leftists. Pathetic, miserable group. Now their White House hopes are gone.

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Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS

When Donald Trump formed the Wuhan coronavirus task force, Nancy Pelosi was passing out her impeachment pens.

Chuck Goofy Todd broke in to criticize the entire briefing. What a total jerk.
Can this guy ever find a heart for America? Todd just pisses on everything & begs for interviews to back up his notions.
The man is driven to pee on America.
He is a disease of himself.
Sorry to report his shortcomings. Many.

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