If Thomas Wictor was still on QV he would probably enjoy this clip from Special Forces advertising their psywar ...intentions?


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Cucker Tarlson is either a fucking imbecile, a corrupt Collectivist or both.

Now ranting US should push for a "settlement" in Ukraine.

Ask Ukranians.

This fucking asshole will throw the Ukranians under the bus and empower Putin at the drop of a hat.

Exploiting that shameful Pelosi junket taking statements out of context.

Fuck this clown.

Ukraine should settle for nothing less than victory.

How do you define victory? The withdrawal of the last Russian from Ukranian territory.

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@RobbyStarbuck: "Whatever the left does in response to this leak, elected Republicans better hold them to the same standards folks on Jan. 6th were held to. Any foot on federal property is an insurrection and those involved must be jailed. It’s time for the left to deal with the rules they made."


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Just spoke with former Supreme Court clerk. They are horrified.
This is a quote:

"This leak has to come from a clerk or Justice themselves. It is intended to blow up the court. Criminal investigation needs to happen now."

They suggest Sotomayor has most radical leftist staff.


Great thread over on the blue bird about how German geopolitical power has been co-opted by bought-off, naive peaceniks

The same strategy used to capture politicians all over the world


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Russia has a history of creating trouble with their neighbors. That is why I can't get on board with the idea that Putin is some type of 5D chess BS.

I would not want a world governed by Russia, China or Iran.

Better to talk about how OBiden created an opening for Putin to invade. That's how the R's can tackle the issue.

I really don't understand the supposed freedom loving, nationalist people on Republican social media who have decided that because the Dems and CNN are pro-Ukraine and anti-Putin, then they must become pro-Putin and pro-Russian invasion??

The Russians have committed evil. There's no need to agree with it to own the libs. The Dems are actually right for once in their worthless lives

Putin is evil and Mindless Tribalism leads to brainrot and compromised principles.

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If this succeeds, welcome back, President Trump.

$43bn - $54.20 per share in cash, representing a 54% premium over the Jan 28. closing price and a value of about $43 billion. The social media company’s shares soared 18%.


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Iran's efforts to conclude a revised nuclear deal with the Biden administration could result in the Kremlin receiving a windfall of half-a-billion dollars to fund its war effort against Ukraine. Apart from offering to help the Kremlin evade sanctions, Iran is also believed to be working to engage China and enlist its assistance as well for the purpose of bypassing Western sanctions.


Not surenif it's already been shared here but Garry Kasparov dropped some big truth bonbs on the Biden admin re Ukraine and Iran


For fellow students of Wictor University's core syllabus on new weapons and ways of warfighting

(but you'll need to ignore the religious and UFO interpretations of the video maker)


First map accounts for Russian advances sticking to main roads and largely avoiding the countryside.
The second map is shared by Assadists, ISIS fanboys, and Putin bootlickers
What a difference

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@YoungBlood —Excuse me for saying this, but these elected officials who represent the Democratic Party are seriously f****ed in the head.
I generally try to refrain from using such words, but for the love of Pete, WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO BUY OIL FROM A MURDEROUS REGIME?????

They are weapons-grade stupid. Every last one of them.

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