Let’s play ‘NAME THE ACTOR’

The following eyes belong to what actor?

@Erin I also thought it could have been Lorne Green, lol!


Hint: “...come on down here and chum some of this shit”


Can’t trust anybody these days 🙁😢😆

@Baline @Erin ok, I'll tell you how I cheated (see, I'm not a Liberal). If you hold your finger on the image it'll give you the option to open it in Google. Then you hold your finger on that image and you have the option to search for similar images.

@Dubby @Baline

The honor system is dead 😞😞😞...damn you Google!


It does look like Lorrine Green, doesn’t it?

It’s my dream man, Sean Connery


Awwww I’m with you!! Love Sean Connery!
I’ll watch 007 anytime!

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