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Flightcrew 🇺🇸 (@Flightcrew) Tweeted:

BREAKING: Trump Reveals That The First Day He First Came Into Office, General Mattias Revealed To Him That The US Military Was VERY LOW on Ammunition (Very Low As In NONE!!) This Was The Legacy That Barack Obama Had Left This Country In.

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My phone just alerted me that Twitter was using my microphone in the background. Naughty bird.

Looks like FB was doing something as well. 🤔

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See Clinton Foundation and Haiti after Hurricane Matthew...An exploitation model that really works.

Foundation $$ to local Strongmen, who in turn give Sweatheart contracts to Clinton Cronies, who in turn pour more money into the Clinton Foundation.

Wrap it up with pictures of Locals smiling, and you do the Hokey-Pokey, and you turn yourself around, that's what CF's all about.....

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Candace Owens
Cannot tell you how many messages like this have flooded my inbox since the Revolt summit. THOUSANDS.
To all of Black America— when the awakening hits you it IS scary. I was afraid, then I was angry, then I was thirsty for real knowledge— & then I was free.
Welcome to the light.

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@Debradelai @selah18

"If I die, it's what I want."

Not according to the audiotape of him being killed. He definitely did NOT want it.

There was actually another one. Photos were leaked.

Being killed by a grizzly bear is definitely one of the worst ways to go.

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@Erin @athena12

The mutilated chimp owner used to go to my gym and boil himself in the hot tub for hours.

He'd take off his nose and pull out his glass eye and let loose with thunderous underwater farts that were like depth charges going off.

People had to leave the pool room.

Still arrogant despite becoming an object of total gallows humor.

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Doesn't everybody put pancakes in their pockets?

I love how the press digs up retarded fairy tales that don't mean anything, and the believers of retarded fairy tales glom onto them.

"See? He stole pancakes!"

I want to see a picture of the Scottish crone who's still bitching about pancakes after half a century.

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For @athena12

You wrote, "I love animals a lot but you have to know who's who in the zoo."

There was a series on cable about people who had dangerous pets.

These people ALWAYS end up being killed.

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President Trump and Mariano Rivera enter the East Room with “Enter Sandman” playing in the background.

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TrumpSoldier Retweeted
Cari Kelemen

Brett Kavanaugh donated his GoFundMe money to the soup kitchen where he helps feed the homeless.

Christine Blasey Ford kept the $million dollars that her GoFundMe raised.

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Anyhoo, really stopped in to relay some scuttlebutt heard from a real estate agent who does assorted hood runs as well. Word on the streets is DJT is not so bad.

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@Debradelai @ThomasWic @drawandstrike

My latest video where I shout out many of
@GenFlynn's best
@drawandstrike, @tracybeanz @SirHublife @Headsnipe011 on Twitter
& here on Saul's QuodVerum!

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@Erin @chrislavers @Ballerina @All_Is_Well @Phokencougie @JM @SandyisGettingSteamed @masterblaster @icrewhelos @Sunnywindows @Lemonhead @Kathy @deighs @cheri @Beemer4Trump

even more fun to give them a sugar cube. they'll wash it until it dissolves in their hands. then they get this perplexed look on their faces because they can't understand what happened. that 'look' is very much like Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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Yep....that's America alright...and here's a picture of Britain that I found.
More "Projecting" from the left.

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