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I knew that none of you would immediately think of impeachment when you thought of Clinton.

The world had forgotten even before Clinton left office.

Several people have told me that Clinton testified at his trial.

It's a manufactured memory.

But if TRUMP testifies, the world will remember.

Impeachment is not forever.

TRUMP is forever.


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Written by YOU.

Play fair, now. Be honest.

I'm going to write something at the end of this. When you read it, respond with the FIRST WORD you think.

Do it as fast as you can. This is an experiment that I'll explain later.

Answer with ONE WORD, the first one--GOOD, BAD, OR INDIFFERENT--that pops into your head.



Bill Clinton.

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ADDENDUM: have you seen this video?

Prince Harry caught trying to persuade Disney's Iger, to get voiceover work for Markle.

At an official function, no less.

Even Iger's botoxed face can't hide his surprise.

I'm no great fan of royalty, but this sort of cheap grifting is beneath a Prince.

And if Markle wants voice over work, she can go get it herself.


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And you might not believe it, but the regime actually arrested the UK Amb. in Iran for "instigating and coordinating" today's protests outside a university in Tehran.

This thread sheds light.

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Golden State Times live coverage of President Trump's Toledo Rally.

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New, unconfirmed video on Telegram claiming to show the moment when Ukrainian Int'l Airlines flight was shot down early Wednesday morning, January 8, over a town west of the Iranian capital of Tehran."

Just stayed at a Home2 Suites by Hilton and they have the TVs set so Fake News CNN is the default channel when you turn on the TV.

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I was married on July 5th, 2013. That date was chosen by me. Why July 5th? Because it's the day after July 4th. 🇺🇸

This is my favorite pic from my wedding... I just love my wife's smile/laugh!

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Poor Mahdi.

From Prime Minister to caretaker to Court Jester.

A sad footnote to the end of Iranian influence in Iraq.

He'll be gone before we stop laughing.

Amazing how many Middle East experts there are on Twitter, trying to tell our President how to run foreign policy.

And disgusting how so many are coming to the defense of straight up terrorists.

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1. This is the problem, you see.

Obama had infants running the NSC. Cowardly, weak fools who were played by the world's crooks.

Such as Kelly Magdalen. Read this panic-stricken tweet and try to picture this person in an emergency.

'OMG! Like, Trump is literally a Nazi. It's all so TERRIFYING. Like, I am SO shaking with fear right now.'

Pathetic stuff.

Thank God this idiot is not in charge of anything, anyone and or any country

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I actually got the link to this from a friend in Iraq.

Iraqis are dancing for joy.

The Kurds are beside themselves.

They all seem to be hoping that this signals a US awakening from the Obama slumber.

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