Just took these off of my car...NFL/ MLB are dead to me.

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he had to get permission on his own property in wyoming? hell, we just build whatever the fuxk we want down on our fam property. i mean, we too poor for 52k sq ft...and too logical for such a thing, but still..


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What do we have here, looks like Tammy Duckworth was arrested for selling a selling Cocaine back in 1987. This site will give you send you the pdf of the court case in 1989 People vs. Duckworth.


I tried it out and got the pdf.

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The pizza place should not deliver to someone if they don’t answer the phone call to verify the food order (pre-paid or not).

This is how effing criminals flourish.

I’m done ranting. Boycott GrubHub!

In summary:

Someone signs up with GrubHub using a bogus email, someone else’s phone number, someone else’s credit card, and has the food delivered to a house they know no one is staying.
I get the text saying “your order is on the porch” while this POS watches and waits for the driver to leave and then retrieves their food.

All it would take to stop this chain of fraud would be a simple phone call to me (not via email) to verify that someone is up to no good and trying to use my #.

She proceeds to pass the buck and tells me I have to call GrubHub.

I call GrubHub and tell them someone is using my phone#. He puts me on hold for several minutes.

He gets back on the line and tells me “ok, we’ve taken care of it”. Me: “What do u mean you’ve taken care of it?”

All the did was remove my that account. When I asked how they verify phone#’s, he said it’s through email.

I then asked if they were gonna investigate what the hell is going on, he said yes (yeah, sure).

I recently got a text from a grubhub driver telling me they left my order on the porch. I figured they just misdialed the number.

I’m telling the girl at the pizza place that I did not place the order & I live 125 miles away.

Apparently they were calling to verify the order but that wasn’t enough for them to cancel it because it was pre-paid.

I told her “why did u call to verify” if ur gonna deliver it anyway...response: “It’s pre-paid”.

Let me tell you a little story of why fraud runs rampant with no accountability on down the line.

I get a phone call today from a # I don’t know. I never answer unknown however, they called back within minutes so I did a search of the number and it was to a pizza place in Dundalk, Md.

Being from Dundalk, I called back out of curiosity.

Apparently, I ordered a pizza from them thru GrubHub (I’ve never used gh). I live 2 1/2 hrs away.

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Rising serpent

Only in America can a refugee from war torn failed state marry her brother, committ campaign fraud, get elected, divert funds to the guy she's dating while married, and then accuse an entire country of being full of racist bigots that needs to be completely dismantled.

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Tweet by: Donald Scherer
FLA testing results include a MASSIVE number of RETESTS. Their own daily reports note this!

Most employers require 2 or more negative tests before they come back to work.

Each positive test is counted as a BRAND NEW CASE. In some areas retests could compound exponentially weekly!

Ok, let’s unpack this.

A white girl protesting the ‘murder’ of a black man for BLM is run over on a highway by a black man.

Let’s all get together, comrades, for a night of RAGE!

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Just went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription and it was like a zombie apocalypse of sheep in masks.

I was the only one in the store without a mask and no one said a word to me.

Believe me, I was ready to retort if any of the zombies questioned me.

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Saw him in Orlando at one of Hannity's road shows with Lynyrd Skynyrd.

He could certainly perform but had to be helped up and down some stage stairs.

I had seen this before with the original drummer of The Platters. He had to have his food cut for him because his hands were ate up with arthritis but you'd never know it when the music started.

Charlie had a very personal and public relationship with God. I can say he is in good hands.

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