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Bessie Smith was born in 1894 and she lived in poverty as a child. Her father passed away when she was very young. Her mother and brother died when she was nine and then she and other siblings were cared for by her older sister Viola. To make money Bessie began to sing and play guitar, performing on the sidewalks of Chattanooga, Tennessee. After performing as a dancer and singer, Bessie began a recording career in 1923.

Bessie was an independent woman and it showed in the music she sang.

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As I write this my heart aches

Today my little buddy lost his battle.

His kidney and liver went into accute failure and we had to let him go.

I love him dearly but he was my wife's baby and she is utterly heartbroken. To see my wife cry is the saddest thing I can think of.

Goodbye Chooch

The sweetest boy

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AOC backs anti-cop protesters who stormed Brooklyn subway station as she tweets 'arresting people who can't afford a $2.75 fare makes no one safer'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supported almost 1,000 protesters who took to the streets of Brooklyn to demonstrate against the NYPD

The demonstrators waved anti-police signs, shouted obscenities, vandalized a bus and cop car, and jumped subway turnstiles

It’s like they are in a 2016 time warp...Fake News hasn’t learned a thing. Total denial.

Notice, they through M Obama’s name out there...Lord help us!

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My wife owns a boarding and grooming kennel. It’s on our property. She has done a lot of rescue work. This guy was dropped in our garage on Halloween. He didn’t wander in, it was pouring rain, and he was dry as a bone. She will do what she does, he’s been taken to the vet, no heart worm, put weight on him and place him. We have named him Frank.

Check out the response to this tweet..Shuva thinks Kamala Harris would make a ‘great AG’

Austin, Texas...despite parents strong objections to this, Texas school district is going to be teaching 3rd graders about sodomy and how to put on condoms...

These are 8 year olds...8!!

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When I lived in Japan, the Pakistani guest workers were savages. They assaulted every woman they saw.

It was dangerous to go out at night, because Pakistanis roamed the streets, looking for trouble.

They need to be quarantined in Pakistan.

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Dallas has come to mind. Still looking at the responses of my toot to figure out where is easiest to most. So far:

Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, DC, NYC, Cleveland, Vegas, LA and Dallas. Still working on it.

People can still drop locations under the original question.

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I evacuated from the Getty fire today to my cousins house. Her father is a retired fire chief and her uncle was a fireman. I asked her if we are having more fires. She said no. It’s always been like this. Dad was working straight thru October.
It’s rumored today’s fire was started by a electrical wire.

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Hannity just cancelled me for tonight. But there are current interviews today on OANN with @JackPosobiec and with @AndrewWilkow

Judge Sullivan canceled our November hearing because of our "comprehensive briefing." Sounds like he will just issue an order. I would expect he will at least require the prosecutors to give us more of the information we requested. Stay tuned, thank you for all the support & please spread the word on all your social media! .

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