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I get them now, and have since I first contributed.
If I don't want them I just reply "STOP" and the go away.


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@Cdubois @E_Turbo

I donated a few months ago. Love doing it. But good lord how do you stop the text messages I get around four a day. I live on a disabled check and I gave when I can. Just like here I give when I can. But the Bunniesmommy afagan sales goes a long way to give to Saul’s book.

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@Bunniesmommy @Erin I was surprised our grocery store had boxes of latex gloves at the entrance..most gloves discarded were in the cart corrals, some in the carts

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@Erin @Bunniesmommy ppl are discarding them on the ground outside the grocery store, seems counterproductive

How much money is Nancy’s new witch hunt gonna cost us?

Yes, Virginia, evil is alive and well and his name is Harvey Weinstein.

He is dreg #1

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@Dawnz Thank you. Breathing restored to normal is everything. The fever, sore throat, fatigue, muscle soreness, etc., all familiar cake walks.

I'm burning up with fever right now and happy as a clam. Because it's doing its job and I'm winning. It's all but over now. And I didn't need hydroxychloroquine, and seriously doubt that I will.

To quote someone very wise and cool that I know, "All will be well."

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@JM I'm so angry right now. Bear has definitely been abused. 😡 He was trying to get close to my mom's food when she was eating and she had to say a firm "No!" and she moved something right after that, and it made a noise, and he ran away from her cowering away like he thought he was going to be hit.

I'm so angry. How could anyone do that? He's such a sweet boy.

I hate people. 😡

Sorry. I had to rant, and I knew you'd listen and be just as angry with me!

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2 hour press briefings daily.
Name another man so capable.

Yeah, me either........

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From my CA fb friend

Waiting for Trump to use the Defense Production Act, have the Washington Post and the NY Times produce toilet paper.

He changed his picture recently. May explain why I like to read his posts. 😉

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@wziminer @Cdubois @Erin

I can’t understand such drastic differences! In my area, there are three major stores and they ALL are stock full! And NOT overcrowded’. Even Costco had NO lines!

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@wziminer @Cdubois @Erin

I can’t believe the difference in the stores! My stores were nearly empty of people and fully stocked at 10:00 am Monday!

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1) @wziminer @Cdubois @Erin

we couldnt find much of anything in one place. we were 'allowed" one 4 pk of tp in one store, a 2-pk of paper towel in another. Found 1 container of clorox sani-wipes in the 2nd store. No hand sanitizer anywhere..thought of making my own but most online "recipies" are actually ineffective at most BUT...

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2) @wziminer @Cdubois @Erin
I had seen on the news some distillery was turning their operation into making sanatizers for drs,nurses ,hospitals..yesterday i saw one lg bottle for sale on ebay from that distillery. 80% alchohol,glycerin,purified water and hydrogen peroxide..33.8 oz. Not so worried about myself but the roomys recent hospital visit..i dont want him taking chances.Im rarely out and about..he isnt

This note was posted on a neighbors door across the street from my parents home.

She is a nurse at the hospital in my area.

She is working 12 hour shifts at the hospital.

Her friends wanted to thank her. She is a ROCK STAR!

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Faucci's apocalyptical predictions are based on 100%, genuine, unadulterated horse shite.

It is high time President Trump fired this phony.

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I just got back, and they were out of everything on my list. Aisles and aisles of empty shelves.

It's crazy.

@wziminer @Erin

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