Brian Cates //Flynn & Breitbart's Army!

Guess what?


And it's one long Leftist Progressive wishlist.

There is NO WAY they threw this together over a weekend.

Pelosi & Schumer must have PLANNED this bait and switch for over a week.

Clicked on the Twitter icon and was told;

And, like her mother and father, pretentious with their stolen wealth.

Chelsea Clinton: "I tried to care about money, but I just can't"

The poor little rich girl tried to care about money but just couldn't! Mommy and Daddy just stole so much...

What a bunch of butt-hurt, whiny White House press our President has to endure.

Keep lying and then blame the man for pointing out your lies? Solid strategy, idiots.

Great, now come the hopping pigs. This is defiantly "end times!"

Total cases: 164
Total deaths: 11
States reporting cases: 19



States reporting cases: 19@NBCNews reports, "As of March 8, there were 446 cases confirmed in the U.S." Source:

Sorry if this has been out and I missed it. I think it was titled, where President Trump got his thoughts on illegal immigration from.

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