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@spinmaven @redwhitebluedude

Nothing moronic about what they have done. Who are the morons who believe it without EVER doing their due diligence to read the questions, the order in which they are asked, and most importantly, the weighting.

It is ALL gas lighting folks.

Especially as in his own words, an INDUSTRY.

What industry do you know of that is not first and foremost centered on the profits of their bottom line.

Its all BULLSHIT and the morons keep falling for it, everytime.

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Hey Liberals even Bernie your favorite Communist called China Joe out for trying to get Social Security, Medicare & Veterans programs cut!

Love it! This is the majority of the swamp, the “permanent government!” We can term limit a politician but it will do very little because the bureaucrat is forever.

Trump issues sweeping order stripping job protections from tens of thousands of federal employees

PDJT’s improvements to the VA only happened after he fired some of the rotten apples!

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4. Recently, A G Barr reversed decades of DOJ policy to allow DOJ to permit DOJ to publicly announce investigations into election fraud.

Dems and libturds were 'outraged'. Meaning 'panicked'.

So rest easy. If the Dems have something crooked set up in Pennsylvania or anyone else, they are likely walking right into a trap.

And God help any Dems working with Iran, Russia or China.

Because DJT won't.

In the meantime, VOTE like your lives depend on it. Because they do.

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WATCH: Obama On Children Crossing The Border In 2014: “Do Not Send Your Kids Here” (VIDEO)

A reminder for Biden. From the guy he worked with for 8 years. When constant lies start to bite you in the ass. How Biden manages to become the real laughing stock of the US instead.

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Jack Posobiec @JackPosobiec

So much for the press defending democracy. They’ll dig up Brett Kavanaugh’s high school classmates but won’t even ask Biden a question. They work for corporate oligarchs, not the American people.

And, pitiful CNN?

Jeff Zucker: Russia Hoax Coverage, 'We Are Not Investigators'



Our media is the enemy of the people!

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Love Adam Schiff weighing in near the end and being wrong, again. Keeping his record of being wrong at a solid 100% of the time.

Drew Holden

Oh wow, @NBCNews should take this up with...NBC News as of 11/10/2018

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The entire speech is within this article. I've gone through it twice and will do so again.

Please take the time to listen and share this important piece. Our country and it's greatness is at stake.

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Dear Emperor Gavin Newsom': Comedian Rob Schneider mocks Cali governor over Thanksgiving coronavirus guidelines

Rob Schneider
Dear Emperor @GavinNewsom
During our allotted 3 family limit this Thanksgiving, if my Aunt comes over, can I throw her a slice of turkey from the window?
We promise NOT to sing... we will all just whisper, “PLEASE RECALL DIPSHIT GAVIN NEWSON!”

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