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“[T]he American people learned that the federal government is actively attempting to suppress dissenting opinions about COVID-19 vaccines; second, we found out that Big Tech has officially become Big Brother.”

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The Chinese rolled up all our spy rings there.

We appear to be defenseless against Chinese spying and Russian hacking.

As far as I'm concerned, we wouldn't miss the CIA if it were disbanded.

The founders were military veterans. Having civilians run the CIA ruined it.

The problem is that Americans are children when it comes to intelligence apparatuses.

Everybody TALKS about MKUltra, but nobody knows what it was.

The ZR projects were FAR more dangerous than the MK projects.

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Stopped for diesel and saw this sign. Inflation is real, people.😂

Traveled south to visit my daughter near Portland today. She suggested lunch at some food carts near downtown. Got to witness a row of homeless tents go up in flames across the street while we waited for our gumbo.

Good times.

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This is a great article on the collapse of Fauci's reputation. What is SUPER helpful is that the author links to several other sources that show how this whole story broke. There are at least 4 other important articles for you that are full of information that will shock and anger you.

Read ALL of them to get a comprehensive view of Fauci, the monstrous political hack who has killed thousands with his duplicity and treasonous involvement with the CCP.

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Did I tell you guys about this yet?

Telegram is a cesspool. Step in there and you'll come out smelling of night soil.

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A lot of shit attributed to @GenFlynn is false.

Like this shit posted here by a moron two days ago.

No. He did not post it in Telegram or anywhere else.



No appeals in these cases.

By the way, Gen. Flynn's response to the query "Did you post this?" was:

"No. That's ridiculous."

Lies have short legs. Liars...a short life-span here.

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Remember the name 'Dr Douglas G Frank' - he is exposing election fraud state-by-state through data analysis. The people adding votes hide them in the data using custom algorithms for each state. It is based on census data and voter registration. The number of registered voters limits how many shadow votes they can add.

All 12 states he has analyzed so far show this fraud in all counties. Watch and learn how your country is being stolen using a spreadsheet.

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I've gone to gun ranges TWICE, and both times, the people there were acting like lunatics.

This is VERY annoying.

I wasn't born with universal knowledge, so I have to ask questions.

And it's almost impossible to find people who know what the hell they're talking about or doing.

I'm self-taught in almost every field.

An "autodidact."

On the radio today, I heard a caller say, "Don't shame me."

Well, NOBODY can "shame" ME.

I'm indifferent to how others think of me.

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