So I’m talking to my liberal sister and i say that I believe in gun rights and before I go to be she tells me to “stay out of “rabbit holes“

Liberals believe or have been trained to believe that if it’s not their ideology that we are crazy or some kind of threat to society.

I explained to her that it is progressives that are responsible for the mass killings historically and she didn’t like that

Sad because she’s smart but she is fully indoctrinated


My communist brother thinks that Trump is controlled by Tucker Carlson.

According to my brother, Carlson has a hotline into the White House.

Trump was going to start a war with Iran, but Carlson warned him that people would be killed, which Trump didn't know.

So Trump decided against a war with Iran.

@Lisa22 @ThomasWic @EnjoyTheSearch
Batshit crazy conspiracies.

My Ron Paul aligned brother thinks that Jeffrey Epstein is a blackmail asset.

He is suspicious of Trump because he did not immediately withdraw from Afghanistan and disengage from the Middle East. He thinks Assad won the civil war in Syria.

@ThomasWic Good Lord, what happened to your brother? Yeah, there's no way you could be housemates at this point.

@ThomasWic @Baline @EnjoyTheSearch I have 4 sisters! We can be the disenfranchised, slightly damaged Brady bunch! 😂

@ThomasWic @EnjoyTheSearch No offense but your brother is just dumb >.< he reminds me too much of my sister

@ThomasWic @EnjoyTheSearch

It's always hardest when the loon in your face is a relative.

@ThomasWic @EnjoyTheSearch

You aren’t talking about the brother you were going to move in with but decided not to, are you?

@ThomasWic @EnjoyTheSearch I’m sure Tucker does like to think that he can make Trump do whatever he wants.


I **ACTUALLY** laughed out LOUD when I read the first sentence of this toot.

Tucker Carlson!?!?!??!?!?!



@ThomasWic - I don’t think she is far from that belief

It’s sad because she grew up poor and worked hard to enjoy a good life and build a family yet she espoused liberal beliefs, ones that she has displayed no characteristics of possessing


Smart people have brain farts too. Trouble is, when you are having one of these farts and hide your brain somewhere, you wont be able to find it later because you also hid the information regarding where you hid it.

You then become a liberal.


So we can now play a little Jeff Foxworthy in asking just how smart is she?

In my way of looking at her, she may be book smart but I have seen too many book smart people who couldn't count pocket change.

Attaining anything near smart starts with humility, wisdom and plain old common sense.

What trumps those? ARROGANCE.


Sadly there are a few of those in every family these days.

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