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You have the role of 5G wrong

Kung Flu is the catalyst to get Huwei equipment installed the world over for tracking every one all the time, like in China now 🕵️‍♂️

@umad80 @EngOnDemand My Son is a Cell Tower Climber and these that are screaming 5G caused the Chinese Virus make me laugh, their Ignorance is off the rails.

@EngOnDemand If these idiots only knew how long 5G has been around...Their Ignorance is beyond anything I have ever seen. My Son was hooking up 5G on Cell Towers over 5 years ago..

I am getting hammered with Andrenochrome conspiracy theories and 5G that cause Corona Virus conspiracy's.
Someone has been turning over some rocks. The Looneys are OUT!
There is a pestilence of ignorance on full display.
/Rant Over

@EngOnDemand We handed out tons of candy to the kids in Afghan villages. It seemed to work because I know that nothing happened while the kids were clustered around us.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is kept from the masses.

Trump said his administration would be the most transparent, so I am sure that we will learn all kinds of wild informaiton throughout his presidency.

Some things will be great to know, and some things we will wish we had never heard.

Everybody had better get out their big girl (and boy) britches, and hold on to them tight.

It is going to be an interesting ride.

@EngOnDemand I wish I could honestly say, "Unbelievable!"

But it's not.

"News media, liberals mock conservatives for early pandemic comments they made themselves
Analysis of three months of public comments shows health officials, liberals and media personalities made comments similar to conservatives now being mocked."

On the set of "Star Trek :TNG" with Gates McFadden, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis and Denise Crosby (in the background), 1987

"Any child in Bnei Brak (or any other Israeli city) who is worried about the presence of IDF soldiers on the streets will receive candy. This policy may be an incentive for a child to act scared, but we don't mind. We have a lot of candy."

2. Reddit or the chans.

I have no intention of closing.

There are many thousands of people who use this platform in good faith, abide by it rules and offer thousands of points of view in all matters.

That will be defended at all costs.

We have no sacred cows and no privileged classes.

We are not for sale or rent.

Our principles are not negotiable.


I will suspend the custom of warning to reduce the drama. But am ready to answer any question.

Time to move on.


This dimwitted free loader has had its time here.

He can return to Reddit.

It's a public heath issue at this point.

Interpret my bread crumbs, moron.

i dont have a single negative word to say about @REX and i dont have a single negative word to say about @Debradelai . everyone has made their decisions and im hoping we can all just move on. leave the bad vibes for twatter.

@redwhitebluedude @EngOnDemand

The NYT article may be trash but the work of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is not

As @SalvajeUnitario says, bring the positive. If the source sux, don't read it or use it. A majority on here already are aware of the NYTs slant

Here's an article I saved from an archived copy that explains how it works

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