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"U.S. Attacks Iran With Cyber Not Missiles -- A Game Changer, Not A Backtrack"

Instead, "President Trump approved an offensive cyber strike that disabled computer systems used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to control rocket and missile launches."

Lol i think you're right! Somebody needs to make a meme we can put on twatter and parler also

I liked this toot so well i put it on twitter and parler! Good job bubba!

Greetings, all. Newly transferred from Twitter. Lurker mostly, but will engage if I have something of value to contribute. Carry on.

When and where else can a President get a Foreign Country to protect our borders?
I think Mexico is paying for it. 🤣

"The use of hypersonic weapons and vehicles for offensive and defensive military operations is accelerating as advanced research picks up in technologically sophisticated countries. However, speed increases are accompanied by growth in the number of technological challenges that must be overcome to build successful systems."


My daughter is a musician. When she was in fifth grade, they gave the kids music aptitude tests for placement in the school band. Teacher called us in. Michelle was a proper little student, so we wondered why.
The teacher said, "Do you know about Michelle's musical ability? We can't even score her. She's off the chart."
This made her Dad furious because he wanted to be "the one" (long story).
She's been somewhat famous, but she's just about the music. Never about fame.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.