BREAKING: Georgia Governor Kemp activates National Guard for Atlanta


>'Protester' in DC sounded a little freaked that there were 'snipers on the roof' at the White House. 😂

Don't worry... they're mostly there to secure the surface-to-air missiles.

Air National Guard airborne over 5th precinct Minneapolis.

"Pretty much. They just needed an excuse to rape, riot and pillage. Dirty Cop is locked up and Barr is gonna fry his ass on top of state charges. Meanwhile, free flatscreen are still flying off the shelves tonight. All workboots however, are still remaining on the said shelves."


The governor and the mayor have amputated their brain from any sensability.


Just a few days ago somebody was asking where was Antifa.

Now you know.

Go all the way up to the Generalissima.

Oh great. The protestors are out in my city tonight. I can't go in and sit in a restaurant with more than 1 person at a table, but they can jump on top of police cars and tear up property.

Minneapolis Police have not been on-site for 2 hours. Curfew is abandoned. National Guard nowhere in site.

"You have to understand.

The Trump administration has to let the plan hatched by these nationally coordinated terrorists unfold before he smashes it and rounds up the ringleaders.

If he'd done it THREE DAYS AGO, there'd have been a massive outcry.

There will be NO DOUBT."

"NEW: Protesters in Washington D.C. have breached the Treasury Dept. complex and spray painted the area."

"BREAKING: The G7 is considering creating a new group of democracies called the D10, adding Australia, South Korea, and India to align against China"

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