move is brilliant.
Musk now had god-like powers to dictate leadership/policy at Twitter.
With Musk’s other massive holdings he can leverage Twitter board into enforcing free speech absolutism.
Musk could also short his stock at anytime collapsing Twitter.



I expect @elonmusk may have some ideas on how to deal with the "bot problem." Recall that this is kind of a return to his roots as a software company guy, before he became an automaker/space pirate.

@Sjmaraldo @EngOnDemand

I was inspired by this photo from back during the pandemic, when he was at NASA wearing a bandana mask.

@Sjmaraldo @EngOnDemand

I guess if you're going to have to put up with some bullshit, you might as well look stylish doing it.

@EngOnDemand I'm keeping eye on Elon's twitter account like a hawk. Nothing today so far.

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