CNN: it’s so peaceful without Trump.

CNN: yup peaceful

CNN: so much peace



CNN: I wonder what Trump is doing.

@janis @EngOnDemand
Every time I see Stirewalt I think:
“Th-th-th-th-that’s all folks!”

Good stuff. Didn't think I COULD laugh at this point. Thx


CNN: Guys, he's back!

CNN: You're BACK!!

CNN: Where the hell did you...

CNN: ...uh...get the sheer nerve...

CNN: He must be destroyed.

CNN: Yes, destroyed. Often.


NY Times headline Monday, Jan 25, 2020,

“CNN lays off hundreds of employees.”

@EngOnDemand Yep, sums up correctly the current state of reporting there....hahahahahahaha

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