"He is playing them like a fiddle. He tweeted those morning tweets as a set up to all of this. Now MSM will have 24 hour coverage of a tweet calling Nancy a RACIST. Notice the capital letters around racist, it's all intentional. Everything is. You see it or you do not."

"That is how far we have come.

Trump is a political GENIUS for forcing the democratic moderates to come rushing to the extremists side and keep them relevant.

His shitposting is Sun Tzu level political warfare."

@EngOnDemand LOL I actually posted to DJT that I thought it was funny how the Dems simply, after all this time, never know when you are trolling them! He is a Master!😂


Trump loses nothing in this. And gains much.

To the left and NeverTrumpers, he has been a racist since he announced in June 2015. So what?

But he has put "the squad" atop the Democrat party. And the vast majority of Americans oppose these ladies.

That's what he is running against in 2020.

@retdoc @EngOnDemand
He is toying with them. They are going by an emotional knee jerk reaction.

@retdoc @EngOnDemand

Sorry, those persons are not 'ladies' they are arrogant, narcissistic, militant, fanatic, insurrectionists.

@MistyNan @EngOnDemand

Just practicing good manners. But your point is well taken.

@retdoc @EngOnDemand

I know, we are just too civil. We were taught to be so in childhood, others not so much.

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