An Iranian member of parliament who voted in favor of executing protesters has arrived in New York for a U.N. General Assembly committee's meeting.

The panel's agenda deals with social and humanitarian affairs and human rights issues affecting people worldwide, …

lived in the airport’s Terminal 1 from 1988 until 2006, first in legal limbo because he lacked residency papers and later by choice, according to French media reports.
He had been living in the airport again in recent weeks, the airport official said.

Mehran Karimi Nasseri, the Iranian political refugee who lived more than 18 years at Charles de Gaulle Airport of Paris, has died there of natural causes on Saturday

Is there a potter in the house ?
Or want be a potter? (I can train)
After years of fun, teaching, volunteering - I have to let go.
Have to give up on this part of my life.
Have a deadline to clear a studio in NYC.
Kiln. Tools. Glazes. & ceramic items I made, hand build - need to be painted/glazed.
Also, great vintage cool molds. Many of them.

Need to be picked up. In NYC. SOON

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Kalimba -
The ultimate music instrument for the young ones.
It’s like texting on the phone - playing with the thumbs 👍

I have those, I think I’ll take with me upstate. To summer camp.
Need fixing & tuning. Will keep us busy.

I’m listening on the radio.
Interesting 😊
There was a drama til the minute


New government in 🇮🇱
36th government

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Central Park
I took the picture after a young woman hugged that tree :)

I guess we have few grandparents here,
So I need your advice :)
A friend just became a grandpa, Mazal Tov 😊
He needed to get Tetanus vaccine before he could see the baby. Done✅
Now the young parents sending to *grandparents class*
It’s only couple hrs. It’s only 45$. It’s on zoom - due to Covid.
I think It’s only CRAZY.

Love to hear your opinion.

*Hospital Patient In Pakistan Dies After Security Guard Performs Surgery*
Shameema Begum, aged 80, died on Sunday, two weeks after Muhammad Waheed Butt attempted to treat her back wound at a public hospital in the eastern city of Lahore.

Iran - A violent explosion and fire at a steel plant in the southern city of Zarend

Google translate:
Local sources in the city of Zarand in Kerman province reported the occurrence of a severe explosion and fire at the Zarand Iranian steel plant. According to local sources, the explosion and fire occurred in the blast furnace section of the Zarand Iranian Steel Plant.

I thank my friend Ehud Olmert for the letter and hope that things will be addressed soon and we will be a voice for our 77 million supporters and the State of Israel."

(Google translate 😊)

Mike Evans notes that "for over 3 weeks our voice has not been heard and only Facebook has any idea why. My private page has also been taken down. I have never received a request from Facebook or a warning about our activities. Although we are under cyber attack and we are the ones badly affected, Facebook "We as criminals. We tried desperately to contact them but did not receive an answer. The Israeli Foreign Ministry contacted and did not receive an answer.

Finally, Olmert writes, "I ask you to consider returning the page to activity soon and thus allow millions of supporters and lovers of Israel to have their voices heard. Many Israelis and supporters of Israel around the world will be happy to follow such a decent and powerful man as Mike Evans and his support for Israel."

According to Olmert, "Downloading a page like JPT - Jerusalem Prayer Team with such a large number of followers in such a sensitive period is neither right nor justified, even according to the criteria you represent or pretend to present."

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