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Remember, much of what we are seeing is kabuki.

Declass? Trump could publish everything immediately.

Could have since 2017 and has chosen not to.

My opinion? He will do it 1-2 weeks out from the election.

But if not, remember.

It's all being controlled, to the finest detail, by one man.


Haspel/Wray/Barr - all working to his plan. You'll see.

That may disturb you. So what. Given what the enemies of the Republic have done, I really don't care.


Enjoy the show.

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That's what we are witnessing, folks.

Once Saudi signs on, Iran is totally isolated.

The mullahs are screwed.

Trump isn't just reinventing the Mid East.

He is reinventing reality itself.


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9. 'What will Trump do when the virus has gone?'

They're going to find out the answer to that question, sooner than they may think.

Not going to be pretty for the gang of criminal that run 'China'.


Trump doesn't play to lose. And while he is a loyal friend, he is a TERRIBLE enemy.

Look, learn etc.

The end.

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3. It's a reasonable argument Trump can out forward, though. And if Trump senses that the Dems are trying to use the virus to undermine the election process, he may well do it.

2020 leftists are among the most stupid people the west has seen, for centuries.

'Let's hype the virus up! It might damage the Drumpf!'

Go ahead, fools. See what happens.

They always forget the law of unintended consequences.

Whereas Trump considers it, in all his strategies.

The end.

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1. Oh man.

Key excerpt from McConnell's resolution for the Senate Trial:

'Following the House of Representatives presentation, the President shall make his presentation for a period not to exceed 24 hours, over up to 2 session days.'

READ the resolution (below in link). Ignore the FakeNews.

This is NOT being set up for quick acquittal.


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Sorry, will be light posting for a day or so.

I need a break from the insanity - not on QV, but everywhere else.

The attacks against Trump have been particularly vile in the last 24 hours. When I see these execrable Dem politicians exploiting the situation, the image of a writhing snake in its last frenzied moments comes to mind.

My hope is that Trump delivers some KO blows to finish this leftist carcass off, hopefully via SpyGate.

When that happens, I will be back.

The end.

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