Apparently dancing with my husband to “Love look what you’ve done too me” made him and the dog “ uncomfortable” 😝

Saturday night at my house. Taking turns playing music videos with my son. Any suggestions?


Kentucky game on.
Made a huge pot of chili.
Puppers is sacked out.
Kicked backed and enjoying the evening!

Life is good. Kentucky game on . Sound turned down. Sam Cooke on the record player. Fire burning. Good wine. Family. Dog& cat. Perfect ending to a chaotic day!

CNN reads The New York Times.

@bennyjohnson: "This is why nobody watches CNN.."


(H/T @RepStevenSmith RT )

@Cdubois @wziminer @Lonestar @RonOgletree @JM

Trump bashes San Francisco, saying it's in 'horrible shape'

IMO, Crazy Nanzi, Dictator Newsom, Swallowswell, Madd Maxine Horizontal Harris, ChiFi, & the CA Assembly should all have to spend a few nights on the streets of SF with the drugged out, diseased, bums of their making & do it without security!

@RonOgletree @Cdubois

My parents are having a ball at 84. My uncle John Charles needed to move to an assisted living place at 92. Three weeks later, we received a complaint from the administrator: he was caught humping his nurse.

Now, imagine that kind of asshole deciding who gets what treatment in socialized medicine.

For that is the kind of asshole who will.

@h2oh @Dawnz

There is a link right under the toot box. "How to support Quodverum."

Once there, follow instructions.

Thank you!

"Iran’s children searching in the trash, leading to new crisis"

"... around 15,000 people are roaming the streets and the trash in the city of Tehran, the country’s capital. 5,000 of them are children, and 40 percent of whom – who are between the ages of 10 and 15 – are the only breadwinners of their families."

@HunDriverWidow @Cdubois @JM @wziminer @watch4thedrop

Chinese vaccines!

What could possibly go wrong?

Certainly they've shown their abilities with baby formula, pet food, sheetrock, toys, pharmaceuticals...

I would not inject anything coming from China on any one but Democrats.

I’m in tears over the loss of @luvmycountry. Brian was one of my All-stars. He was a gentleman and a friend. He will be greatly missed.

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