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I really DON'T "understand the "frustration and disgust".

Kudlow TODAY said every economic indicator is coming up 5 on 5. Consumer spending up 8.2% May.

Armpits no longer looting and burning. China so desperate they are antagonizing INDIA!

Biden forgot how to tie his shoes and has no campaign teams in battleground states. Pelosi rarely has a sober moment; and Schumer forced to diss a BLACK Republican.

Flynn is kicking butt, and the GOP going after Cuomo et al


Saul is live on YouTube. I can’t comment but I see you and hear you!!!

@WarriorPoet - hadn't checked lately. let's hope the Secret Service pays her an unfriendly visit.

A fat bastard who looks like someone's idiot cousin (and is) wants to investigate AG Barr for "politicization of the DoJ"?

Bring it on, moron!

Happy Saturday! Morning coffee and the latest episode of Beard Blather.

@umad80 come June, I’m going for the 90% off Easter chocolate.. :)


By that singular way of counting, the deaths in the US must be in the tens of thousands per day!

What is the added "capacity" of every crematorium in the nation?


Apparently, SARS-CV2 kills brain cells, too.

@selah18 @SalvajeUnitario

I am.

Sunlight, pure air and exercise are the perfect complement to the meds.

I can hold my breath now for over 40 seconds without coughing. This thing is beaten into a tiny corner of the lungs and soon will be out.

Now I need to try and get started again with the podcasts.

@REX I always think of this scene in “The Princess Bride” when contemplating the fate of the Libs/Socialists. /youtu.be/I_keWS1i3RA

Omg! I just saw ‘Yapping with Saul’! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

@REX @ThomasWic
Funny how you can gain so much in your own personal life from someone you've never met.

Thomas affects my path.
All to the positive.

Thank you, Thomas.

Thanks is extended to so many others as well.
Rex, Saul, Chillum, Finch, Rosie...
Too many to mention.

May the curmudgeons the hobbits and hermits alike have the most wonderful Christmas.

Blue checks on Twitter enraged over POTUS' latest target.


Trump Attacks Presidential Debate Commission, Hints at Something New

The Commission hasn't exactly done a stellar job since it was established in 1987, with maybe the most egregious offenses occurring during the 2012 Obama-Romney foreign policy debate. If there is any election institution in need of reform (unlike the Electoral College), it's the Commission.

(15) These ancestors of ours, by sheer determination, character and will power created a great American civilization.

One infinitely more advanced, just and humane than ANY that preceded them.

Look at this. This is NOT what the indians sold to the Dutch settlers. That was worthless wilderness.

This, WE made.

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