I have been listening to the recently confirmed Justice speak at the White House now.

She has young black girls telling her that NOW they see that in America anything is possible. So I guess a black female secretary of state, or a black female VP is meaningless, but a Supreme Court Justice means everything.

I wonder how many of these public school educated children know what the supreme court is.

@EliMGold I'm sure none of the public school educated children know what any of the branches of American government really are...

@EliMGold I doubt they teach that (or history) very much in public schools anymore,sadly.

@Dawnz @EliMGold They did at my HS and I graduated in 2020 from an Illinois public school. American gov and US history were both required credits.

Lengthy open discussions were common, fairly neutral presentation, and you were encouraged to come up with your own conclusions. On occasion, BS did make it's way into the curriculum though. (party swap, New Deal was stellar, etc)

It was ok in my experience, but I can't speak for anyone else, My teachers may have been the exceptions.

@El_jefe —Young man, you give me hope for the future of our country.😊🙏🏾👏🏾

Welcome to SQV.

@Dawnz @EliMGold


I highly doubt any child has said those words to her or anyone else for that matter.
Any 'young black girl' that would be aware of achievements of black persons, male or female, would in fact acknowledge all that have come before Jackson.

@EliMGold They know of it for sure, what it does/does not do is pretty blurry, and what it should do is blurrier still.

Source: Me asking peers before I graduated when the wuflu hit.


Oh, they keep spouting these meaningless slogans all the time, I see.

People have memories of goldfish.

They can't remember that they said the exact same thing, that ``Now, for the first time, bla-bla-bla'', about 100 times before, the last time just a few months ago.

And they expect to be taken seriously...

Here on QV we know better, and discard these morons for the imbeciles that they are.

@karnage @cryptoduke @Dawnz @El_jefe @DeWalt @Elaines2cents

@EliMGold —This is nothing more than rewriting history—the Blakk Gurls edition.🤢🤮

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