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Previously Maalouf hosted a political program on NewtvSat called «bela raqeeb» (Arabic for «without censorship»). She also hosted a political program on the Lebanese channel NBN. Maria Maalouf's objective political analysis and research is foreign in the typical partisan media of Lebanon. And now she hosts program pioneers from USA on Hawas tv channel and vision tv show on Saudi 24.

To read Maria Maalouf's complete bio visit:

The Gold Institute for International Strategy is pleased to welcome MariaMaalouf as a media Fellow.

Maria Maalouf was born in Zahle, Lebanon. She has been intensely affected by the cultural and intellectual product of various familial authors, literary writers, and politicians at home and overseas.
Maria Maalouf is a journalist and political analyst. She made international news when she received death threats on her cell phone in response to a political program, she had taped earlier that day.

Here is a video that EVERY Quod, and friends of, MUST watch. Konstantin Kisin speaks at Oxford Union of "This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far" - 7/8

The Gold Institute for International Strategy is pleased to welcome GnySgt Jessie Jane Duff as a Senior Fellow.

US: New York mayor addresses issue of immigrant's near Mexico border

@susanmtehrani joined by Adelle Nazarian, media fellow, Gold Institute, for perspective.

Quods Get Gold

A Conversation With Entifadh Qanbar

An evening conversation with Entifadh Qanbar, President and Founder of the Future Foundation. He has served as the Senior National Security Advisor for the Iraqi Parliament, the Deputy Military Attaché for the Embassy of Iraq...

Wednesday, 7:30pm Eastern

What an embarrassing picture of the president and VP with the Golden State Warriors. Do you see it?

Here is an interview I did some time ago. Thought it might be of interest.

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