Lou Dobbs

Department of ‘Injustice.’
on Obama-era officials allegedly framing Michael Flynn.


What struck me about Sidney was how absolutely razor sharp resolute her eyes were.


She's living the insanity of the Enron trial all over again. She hates these bastards and rightly so.


And she will not quit until Wasserman is making pea gravel out of very large rocks. If he was on fire, she wouldn't waste perfectly good amonia to put him out.


Weissman, not Wasserman. Got him confused with Blabbermouth Shultz.

@RonOgletree @Elaines2cents Logic tells me that Sydney is confident that she is going to get the result due to the tone of her words and the content of her words...but we have been let down before..."crossing my fingers"

@RonOgletree @Elaines2cents

The country would be far better off if we could clone Sidney Powell hundreds of times over. The corrupt Left would be mincemeat.

@HunDriverWidow @Elaines2cents

That is where her consulting fees will be well worth whatever she deems fair.

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