- Let's get this trending. Our President needs to know how strongly we feel.

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Thank you to @AmericanRose8
for her thread and follow through.


@Elaines2cents My issue with it is that teen vaping has absolutely skyrocketed. We were almost at the point of not seeing waves of teens and young people using nicotines (because of all the education around the dangers of smoking cigarettes), and now we are back where we were before, but with vaping. Also, there are negative side affects to vaping, particularly among teens. I would never want my child to take up vaping.


There were 450 stupid kids that went out on the black market to buy thc infused vape juice. You think that this policy will protect the thousands that will now head to that market to buy what they want?

What about the hundreds of thousands of smokers that have quit smoking cigarettes by switching to vaping? Are all of these people supposed to now switch back to smoking because


of kids buying these products illegally?

Lets stop selling alcohol now too because I can guarantee that underage kid drinking is a bigger problem in our country than vaping.

@Elaines2cents I think teen vaping is an issue and we should be making efforts as a society to curtail it. I am not necessarily in favor of an all out ban of vaping, because I don't think those types of bans are effective at all.

However, it is a public health issue. That is undeniable. We should be doing what we can to protect our kids.


This kid is F'd now because of the damage he did to himself by vaping. I don't want that for our young people at all.


Well I guarantee there will be thousands more like him lying in hospital beds across our nation when these illegal vape juice dealers have one more drug to sell to our kids.

This proposed policy will do more to kill our kids than it will to save them and personally, I don't want to be the one a year from now to come back and say I told you so.

Prohibition has never worked. Clamping down on strict rules for underage purchases might.

@Elaines2cents @thegoldenpanda

I have to agree 100 % parents that cannot parent their children properly want bans from government to make their jobs easier . It reminds me of my teen years when idiots were sniffing glue to catch a buzz and they wanted to ban Testors glue and plastic models , so that the few idiots ruined a hobby that millions enjoyed. On another note why do they not want to place the blame where it belongs , China's chemical trade and the cartels who need to market US pot.


@virgilkane @thegoldenpanda

It's always ban the object. We see it with guns, medications and every other thing in this country. I'm fed up with people not taking responsibility. These kids made decisions that had consequences. Now we'll have thousands more making the same mistakes and filling up beds instead of letting this be a lesson.

We've banned pot, cigarettes and alcohol to minors and like every other prohibition they've found a way around it.

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