I'm getting sick of these scare tactic media reports. People have been vaping for years and even longer in Europe with high success rates of quitting smoking and no episodes of lung issues. Then these kids start buying crap THC juice off the streets and bam! CDC has narrowed this in on Vit E oil which is NOT an ingestible substance to be added to juice.

People need to stop with the click bait headlines. This isn't regular vaping and certainly not from reputable dealers 😡

@Elaines2cents @mastojohn I am going on 9 years of using an e-gig. My breathing has improved, more than I could of imagined. I did not realize how constricted my breathing was until I could actually breath again. 2 packs of Marlboro reds a day for 40 years! E-cigs have changed my life. 65 and ride my bike 75 miles in a day with zero problems. ( I do have a tadpole recumbent, Cattrike, so it is like sitting on my easy chair peddling)

@jeauxy @mastojohn

Wonderful to hear Joe. I quit using my vape 2 yrs ago last May. Best BDay present I've ever given myself.

I smoked a pack a day, sometimes more depending on what my day was like. Started 'being cool' in high school. I tried every method out there to quit even another type of vape 2 yrs before I was successful with the one I have now.

The most surprising thing for me, I bought the vape and the next morning had my last cigarette. I never smoked another one.

@Elaines2cents @mastojohn Excellent! Don't you feel SO much better? Want to laugh. If I see someone smoking, I kind of turn my nose up on them! Makes my wife laugh. But I think she might be laughing at me!

@jeauxy @mastojohn

I feel much better and as a side benefit, I'm not feeding the tobacco industry hundreds of dollars to kill me every year 🤨

@Elaines2cents @jeauxy @mastojohn

I still smoke. I've most always smoked outdoors. It's gonna be my lungs or my sanity. I don't even have a cough. Right now, the sanity has to win. My sister can't take care of herself and I can't do it if I'm crazy too. The lungs can get me later.


@2020_DJT @jeauxy @mastojohn

Kathy, get the vape that I have and you'll walk away from cigs. The vape is inexpensive. Runs about $18.

Buy a couple of pkgs of replacement coils $18

And then go to your local vape shop and test out the juices to find what you like.

The initial set up is probably still way less than you're spending on cigs.

@Elaines2cents @jeauxy @mastojohn

Thank you, Elaine. I'll try that. I know I have to quit and will gladly accept your advice. My daughter has been talking about vaping for a long time now. She's thinking of using it as an alternative to sweets. She has a strong sweet-tooth and sugar is the worst thing you can put in your body (other than cig smoke). She doesn't smoke, told her I would break her fingers if she ever started. Momma means business.

@2020_DJT @jeauxy @mastojohn

Good for you! I wish I had listened to my Mom but you know, us teens know better 😉

I don't know that I would have ever started if I had the info we have today on the dangers. Hell, I could smoke in the hospital when I had my son. Seems so insane now.

@Elaines2cents @jeauxy @mastojohn

Exactly. My dad's doctor's office always looked like a fog machine had been implanted in it. I remember smoking in the hospital after having surgery. And now your a pariah if you smoke. Craziness!

@2020_DJT @Elaines2cents @jeauxy @mastojohn hospital are now signed as "smoke free campuses" Even in the parking lots.

@Elaines2cents @stephanieanne @2020_DJT @jeauxy @mastojohn

Great article Elaine. I have been cig free for 2 years. 6 mo's after switching to vaping I was able to run up the bleachers at local high school with out loosing my breath. Not only that, I beat the starting RT while doing so.

I feal better. I smell better. I even lost weight. My sweet tooth is satisfied by vaping sweet ejuice. Currently I am enjoying a vanilla ice cream cone flavored vape on my dripper. 😎

@CancerousToeJam @Elaines2cents @stephanieanne @2020_DJT @mastojohn Cool, I can't wait. Changing the subject of politics and criminals will be a breath (no pun intended) of fresh air. So I shall follow you with anticipation!

@CancerousToeJam @stephanieanne @2020_DJT @jeauxy @mastojohn

Wonderful to hear! I don't vape the sweet stuff but I did search until I found a menthol that tasted just like the menthol cigs I was smoking. I didn't want to crave anything ... not nicotine, the taste or the physical habits.

That is an idea though about vaping to get rid of the sugar cravings. Wonder if I can find one that tastes like a Mounds bar? It's the only sugar I've been allowing myself every night. 2 mini bars 😂

@CancerousToeJam @stephanieanne @2020_DJT @jeauxy @mastojohn

Hold the almonds though. Those go into the Almond Joy's 😂

Be sure to tag me when you do that thread.

@2020_DJT @Elaines2cents @mastojohn Different times. I received permission to smoke at 16! From my parents! Dad smoked Di Nobli cigars, and mom Chesterfields! I hated stealing smokes from them....lol

@jeauxy @2020_DJT @mastojohn

My parents never smoked except for a short rebellion streak my Mom got for a couple of months and never drank either 😂 Weird how all 3 of us kids smoked and drank.

I remember looking forward to being able to buy cigs legally at 16. We moved to CA and I went to the store only to find out their legal age was 18. Was I ever pissed 😂

@jeauxy @Elaines2cents @mastojohn

I remember going up to the local mom and pop store and getting cigs for my dad when I was young. I think they were a nickel or a dime a pack. Filterless Camels. Mom never smoked. Dad was almost a chain-smoker. I have to say, though, I couldn't have blamed him he was a chain-smoking alcoholic being married to her.

@jeauxy @Elaines2cents @mastojohn

For me, it was always better to laugh than to cry. Dad used to call her Hitler or Chief. He was dead on the money.

@jeauxy @Elaines2cents @mastojohn

My mother was much more evil than yours, apparently. Everyone thought she was a saint. She had everyone fooled but us. When we kids would have a dispute with the neighborhood kids, my mother would side with the other kids. I was a major goody two-shoes because I feared the wrath of Jean and my sister, the hench-woman. I was very quiet and shy. (I can hear you laughing from here, Jeauxy.)

@2020_DJT @Elaines2cents @mastojohn This is so bitter sweet, on the one hand, I think I peed a little while laughing, and reaching for my hankie to wipe my tears of sorrow. I am honored to have come across all you wonderful down to earth people.

@jeauxy @Elaines2cents @mastojohn

It's a great thing to be able to come here with people of a like mind, working together to keep each other sane and informed, and sharing a little of ourselves with each other.

@2020_DJT @Elaines2cents @mastojohn Absolutley, It's kinda like smoking, the calmness of this platform keeps me from strangling someone!

@jeauxy @Elaines2cents @mastojohn

I missed an "if" in there. Dad may have been a chain-smoker, but he wasn't an alcoholic.

@2020_DJT @Elaines2cents @mastojohn I used to go get beer, cigarettes and booze for my parents when I was a kid. I was allowed to keep the change! So I bought myself Marlboros. Different times indeed

@jeauxy @Elaines2cents @mastojohn

I started smoking - but not inhaling yet, at 14. Then at 17 came the big-time. My parents knew I was smoking. My bitch sister blew me in. They didn't seem to give 2 sheits. Dad used to slip me money to buy them. It's not that he didn't care about my health, I guess. I think he cared more about "me" at the moment. Sorry...getting a little weepy. I miss my dad.

@2020_DJT @jeauxy @mastojohn

It sounds like you had a wonderful close relationship with your Dad ❤️ Sounds a lot like my relationship with my parents. My Dad finally left when I was around 20. Couldn't blame him one bit. He's ended up with a wonderful lady and happy as can be for the past 30+ years. Our time together is drawing shorter every day. Not going to be easy for me when he's no longer here.

@jeauxy @2020_DJT @mastojohn

Wow! I don't think we were ever allowed to buy for our parents on any of the bases we lived on. Of course we could go offbase and drink at any bar in Japan. Cigs could be bought anywhere from the vending machines.

@skhillx3 @Elaines2cents @jeauxy @mastojohn

That used to be favorite thing. Sitting outside on a beautiful morning with a smoke and a cup of black coffee. Serenity now!

@skhillx3 @Elaines2cents @2020_DJT @mastojohn Coffee and an e-cig is twice a good. I know right now you don't believe it. Neither did I. BUT IT'S TRUE

@Elaines2cents @2020_DJT @jeauxy @mastojohn Non-smoker here, but I will send this to my brother. I appreciate this recommendation.

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