There's now a $34,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this HATE crime committed against the Muslim Baltimore resident.

These punks need to be rounded up and fast ...

Seriously, where are these kids parents. There is no way that they aren't aware that their kids committed this crime. They are hiding them from prosecution and so are their families and their neighbors. Shameful behavior and they should be prosecuted also.


The difference is parents holding their kids accountable. If my picture was plastered on the news, I would have feared the wrath of my parents. I would have been calling the police for protection from my parents. But then again, I would not have committed such a crime.

@Elaines2cents Omg... how awful and sad!! That old man did nothing to warrant being attacked like that. I hope he's okay.


When I first read this, it reminded me of the way media reports of acts perpetrated by blacks. They do not give the same level of coverage. I think @drawandstrike pointed this out. They do not want to be seen as "racist".

These kids could very well be coming from dysfunctional homes.

OMW..that made me sick to my stomach...yes, these kids need to be caught and punished, without a doubt..

@Elaines2cents I hate to think they learned it from parents. The world has become an ugly place. Back to morals, love of God and a close family. Stop having children if you are not going to care and love them. Prayers....

@Elaines2cents these are the kind of animals you get when for Generations you create a model where people force the father out of the home so the mother can sit there and pump out babies and collect welfare. This has been a viable career for decades and it needs to stop.

@WarriorPoet @Elaines2cents
They know no other way. Opportunity is nil. DJT is changing that. There are conversations being had.

@NotJustMe @Elaines2cents I love the people that came out in Baltimore this morning that are saying wait a minute..." our city is a piece of shit"..... people are saying now do my city. It's awesome. He's looking out for the most overlooked people in our country.

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