Now who's surprised at all about this? 😂

Ineligible Persons Registered to Vote in California Nearing One Million ...


Wonder how many of these ineligible voters voted in 2016. Maybe someone should cross check the ballots.

@Erin @Elaines2cents

All they have to do is check the DMV registrations from AB-60. All illegals registered as D unless specified as other. Neighbors mom works at ours.

@Tatonka @Erin

DMV went through an audit in the later part of 2018 and they acknowledged that 24,500 had been registered illegally.

This miniscule portion has already been dealt with and not included in the court settlement requiring these nearly million registered voter cleanup.

@Elaines2cents @Tatonka @Erin

This is something that will be kept on the down low until they have a good handle on it, and they know they can’t be stopped. Just like the judges, the regulations, and the last Trump/Kim meeting at the DMZ.

@Elaines2cents no surprises there, all you need to do is to take a stroll outside in LA, 60% of the speech I hear around is Spanish now if not more. I couldn’t order anything at del taco couple of month ago because the workers Spanglish was so terrible I end up going inside and try to explain the lady on my fingers and pointing at what I wanted. Ended up cursing and leaving. Never realized 23 years ago that I’ll be immigrating to the United States of Mexico.

@Balamut @Elaines2cents Same here. At a shopping mall near DTLA, everyone speaks Spanish.

@redwhitebluedude @Balamut @Elaines2cents Or Upper Mexico. A lot of us out here call it that. I had my 5th case of food poisoning a few weeks ago.

@Lisa22 @Balamut @Elaines2cents
Yikes! Fifth case??
Not even under Mexico was California this messed up.

@redwhitebluedude @Balamut @Elaines2cents Yep! My dad as well. And we ate different things from different places. I'm scared to eat any vegetables or greens outside of certain restaurants. Ask Thomas - it's happened a lot to him too.

@redwhitebluedude @Balamut @Elaines2cents I have gotten food poisoning at name brand restaurants. I trust Disneyland though :)

@Lisa22 @redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents that’s why I only eat well cooked meat and that’s it, BBQs and no vegetables except Armenian salad which is basically cooked pepper, tomatos and eggplant over the fire, the skin is literally burned so 0 chances of any bacteria surviving, unless they’re social democrats, those seem to survive better then Tardigrades.

@Balamut @redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents I always wash any vegetables or salad stuff at home but I still got food poisoning. One time so bad my neighbor had to drive me to the hospital where they hooked me up to an IV for several hours. All here in California, nowhere else.

@Lisa22 @redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents I haven’t witnessed it myself but I do remember someone saying it(maybe it was Thomas) that Out friends from the south of the border have a bad habit of not washing their hands after their restroom visit. Might explain the spike in salmonella and e.coli in Commifornia.

@Balamut @redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents When you go to a toilet in a major department store, they leave tissues piled high next to the toilet because they don't flush used tissues. They bring their third world ways with them and don't want to change.

@Lisa22 @Balamut @redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents I mostly eat out, it’s cheaper. I’m very particular abt which restaurant I go to.i even drive 20 minutes to a clean(ish) place when there’s one right across the street. If a restaurant smells like dirty mop, I walk right out. If they drop water from under containers over my food, it’s tossed. I watch the food prep area like a hawk. I bless my food. Bad attitudes, i leave, i don’t trust mean spirited ppl around food. I call corporate if dirty

@WatchfulCat @Hunter @Balamut @redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents I've got it from good, reputable restaurants and one noted grocery store. Afraid (!)

@WatchfulCat @Lisa22 @Balamut @redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents luckily I haven’t had it that I know of. I wish I could cook every meal. But getting up in age I don’t want to risk a serious poisoning over something preventable.

Oh and I’m always extra polite to the food workers, so much so that they give me freebies on occasion and I address them by name at places I frequent. That helps, when people like you they won’t poison you.

@Hunter @WatchfulCat @Balamut @redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents I'm always polite to food workers as I used to be one during college :) I think it's living in California.

@Lisa22 @WatchfulCat @Balamut @redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents could also be diet. It’s hard to get good vegetables when you eat out because everything comes with fries. And you need oranges and yogurt to boost immunity. I’ve more than likely been exposed but I do try to eat a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits to get vitamin c

@Hunter @WatchfulCat @Balamut @redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents Well...I think it's more living in California and what's been going on here. It never happened to me like say, before 20 years ago :)

@Lisa22 @Hunter @WatchfulCat @Balamut @redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents
Re: food poisoning. You might try taking probiotics daily. Last 10-12 years, either because I'm getting older or food getting dirtier, was getting food poisoning 1x/year at least. Haven't had any since starting the probiotics a cpl years ago (and last bout of f.p. I half cleared up w/ probiotics, tho took antibiotics to completely finish).

@Lisa22 @redwhitebluedude @Balamut @Elaines2cents

Before I eat at a new restaurant, I always check the online Health Department Inspection reports for their rating. I only go with Excellent or Good. If it gets a Poor, Fair or Marginal, it doesn’t make the cut.

@Lisa22 @redwhitebluedude @Balamut @Elaines2cents

I do this even before I read the food reviews. The food might taste good, but it also might make you very sick. 🤢

@Lisa22 @SandyisGettingSteamed @redwhitebluedude @Balamut

Good exercise and if you really want the lowdown on a restaurant, go to Yelp. You'll get an 'earful' if there are issues with just about anything that is wrong with the place. Nextdoor is also a good place to ask for recommendations.

@Lisa22 @redwhitebluedude @Balamut @Elaines2cents

@Lisa22 ..yukk,been there-no fun. I got it twice here in Texas, once a our local Chipolte, once somewhere else,ughh no fun

@Lisa22 @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude @Balamut @Elaines2cents

Food poisoning is the worst! I suffer from it constantly, mostly due to the fact I'm lactose intolerant and when I have something with hidden dairy, I'm a wreck.

I treat food poisoning like the stomach flu, don't put anything in your mouth for 24 hrs, including liquids. This way the poison leaves your system faster. Drinking water slows down the process.

@Lisa22 @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude @Balamut @Elaines2cents

Once you stop putting liquid in your body (you won't dehydrate) you'll stop vomiting and poo pooping.

I find this method the fastest way to rid the poison from the body and you won't be in as much pain.


Whaaaat....😂 It has already been claimed HRC's million over Trump during 2016 were cast in CA.

@Elaines2cents Not me. 😄 I see this as proof that the Trump admin. is on top of and weeding out potential voter fraud. As DawsonSField would say, ! 😂


Newsom's an idiot. I wouldn't make a habit of repeating what comes out of his mouth 😂

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