BREAKING NEWS @SidneyPowell1 is Michael Flynn's new attorney! Details coming soon.


Confirmed. @SidneyPowell is now representing @GenFlynn .

Called to touch bases and got the wonderful news.

Finally a most capable attorney standing in his corner!

Don't forget this coming Friday to "buy Mike a beer," let's stand with Sidney and Mike!

@Debradelai @SidneyPowell @GenFlynn

Confirmed Saul.
Re-watching her Levin show now.
I think a couple of rounds may be in order.
God bless them.

@EngOnDemand @SidneyPowell @GenFlynn

I just talked to her. Phone jumping of the hook.

This is the best news I've had in two years.

It's going to be an uphill battle, but if anyone can climb that mountain it's Sidney.

A brilliant attorney with plenty of SCOTUS experience committed to Mike's defense.

@Debradelai @EngOnDemand @SidneyPowell @GenFlynn
Ive watched her on tv many times..She's a brilliant woman..I think Gen Flynn was wise choosing her She knows the law backwards and forwards.. she knows 'the players" and how they operate and what to expect of them due to her experience with them


@Cdubois @Dawnz @Debradelai @EngOnDemand @SidneyPowell @GenFlynn

For those that are not familiar with Ms. Powell or you are and haven't seen this video, I highly recommend it.

@Elaines2cents @Cdubois @Dawnz @Debradelai @SidneyPowell @GenFlynn

Ms. Powell has a presence emanating clear thought, sound judgement, and a robust awareness of the legal implications with the case. She speaks from experience here and it's very powerful.

@Torchbearer @Elaines2cents @Cdubois @Dawnz @Debradelai @SidneyPowell @GenFlynn

Biblically, we have been warned of this for some time. Reading within secular history substantiates the same warnings. This planet has had evil inflections since at least the Garden and probably long before. What was here before, that is only captured in metaphysical history. The Garden brought us the choice of right or wrong.
Free will, free choice was the playing field. Yes, there have been several great epochs.

@Torchbearer @Elaines2cents @Cdubois @Dawnz @Debradelai @SidneyPowell @GenFlynn

(Major Stages of Present Earth)

◊ 7. Epoch of Trumpets
◊ 6. Epoch of Seals
◊ 5. Post-Atlantean <We are here.
◊ 4. Atlantean
◊ 3. Lemurian
◊ 2. Hyperborean
◊ 1. Polarian

@Torchbearer @Elaines2cents @Cdubois @Dawnz @Debradelai @SidneyPowell @GenFlynn

(Subdivisions of the Post-Atlantean
Great Epoch)

◊ 7. American ◊
◊ 6. Russian ◊
◊ 5. Anglo-Germanic ◊
◊ 4. Greco-Roman ◊
◊ 3. Egypto-Chaldean ◊
◊ 2. Persian ◊
◊ 1. Indian ◊

I bring this up because mankind is on a upward ascent into a real enlightenment and moving away from ego, or the ID (the Atlantean Epoch). So our battle is with those that want to retain their positions that have been held, and entrenched, for so long in the old ways of thinking. While amazing to watch, it's certainly painful path to be traveled and endured.
Our current President represents the proactive adjustment to the old ways and the resistance is out there for all to see.
Amazing to watch.

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